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Week 14, Bills v. Chefs - Predict the Score

Freddie's Dead

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Congratulations again to Week 12's winner @frostbitmic!  Great Googly Moogly, the Bills once again make the roady to Arrowhead to take on the Chefs (can't we ever play these ***** in OP?).  It's a WWII game as the Bills need to run the table just to squeak into the playoffs.  I'm a bit on the fence here, but McDummy is 6-0 after the bye week, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.  The Chefs got problems on offense, so if we can get out to a good lead, we may just be able to hold them off.  I think that's just what's going to happen.  Bills pull out to a lead, hold off the late charge by the Chefs, and McDummy doesn't make that game-costing mistake (this week).


Beews - 38

Chefs - 34


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