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WGR Topic: McDermotts Mt Rushmore of Lossess'


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4 hours ago, PromoTheRobot said:


Sadly this team has dozens of worthy candidates. Here's what I came up with:


1) Wide Right

2) 13 Seconds
3) Patriots "Just Give It To Em" game
4) 2004 losing to Steelers 3rd stringers and missing playoffs

Under McDermotts coaching tenure. 😜

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2 hours ago, Ya Digg? said:

Sorry, gotta disagree with you here. Cam knocks that ball down, which he easily could/should have, game over. I believe it was then the next game (or shortly after) where he almost lost the Bills another game 

I still vomit in my mouth every time I see that dude on the field. 

Cam Lewis high points the ball down to Jefferson who makes the circus catch. Lewis should have got an assist! He was like one of those rugby players that get lifted up by a team mate and then hand them the ball! He should have listened to Tom Jackson on NFL Primetime: "Knock it down!!".

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5 hours ago, C.Biscuit97 said:

It was McDermott who fumbled in the end zone against the Vikes? It was McDermott who couldn’t beat a Zack Wilson offense that scored one td? And the Chiefs were just better than us in the championship game. 

there is a lot of blame to go around in every loss. But those ones imo aren’t on the Clapspr. 


You misread the post. I said the Vikings loss was a bad loss but not his fault. He was up 9-0 in the AFC Championship and played not to lose

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11 hours ago, PatsFanNH said:

I have to say it.. losing to the Mac Jones led Patriots and his defense giving up 29 points to the worst O in the NFL.  That has be one of the worst losses. 


Disagree 100% on this one.


Pats gave the Eagles & Dolphins fits in the 1st 2 games, and the D has played tough most of the season.  But all that aside, it's a division game.  Division games can be very unpredictable.


Brady owned the Bills, but throughout those years, the Bills played some very hard-fought games against the much more talented Pats teams.  The Pats loss bothered me because it was the Pats, but the Bills other 5 losses were all worse.


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I am not sure what counts as the "worst loss". Playoff losses are, by definition, worse than regular season losses. But is a loss in a close game worse than being trampled in a blowout? Or does there have to be a bone headed coaching decision involved. Because it is hard to deny 13 seconds as a "bad loss"... and I just can't see how we can overlook "12 men on the field" as far as coaching. Beyond that the "worst losses" have to be those where the other team was BAD and we gave the game away. Recency bias compels me to nominate this year's Jets and Patriots games as horrible losses.

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3 hours ago, ChrisWatson#21 said:

Allen has put over Watson, Mahomes, Burrow and now Hurts in "memorable games".  He is turning into Phillip Rivers right in front of our eyes.  Something needs to change.  I’m sick of seeing lesser talent being dressed as heroes by this inept defensive "guru" of a head coach.  

Love the wrestling reference there.  Well done.

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1) 13 Seconds (end of the process)

2) Wind Game (how do you stay in Nickle the whole game?)

3) No Show in the Snow (death of the culture)

4) Philly Shitsteak (recently biased)


These games stood out to me as games we would have won without coaching blunders. Josh has made his share of mistakes (hero ball in Houston, fumbling a TD away against Minny, slipping against the Titans), so I left those out since a debate could be had about those games.

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1. 13 seconds

2. Houston playoff…he looked as scared as our then new stud QB

3.  12 men on field…I mean cmon

4. Last week Eagles game. The Time out to Ice the kicker, the playing dead with 20 secs left, kicking a FG in OT while thinking “your” D could hold them


Definitely quite a few Honorable mentions too but I think above were had poor coaching all over it. 

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Trying not to have too much recency bias. I went with the most painful losses instead of the ones I thought were caused by bad coaching.


1. Houston playoff game

2. 13 seconds game

3. Vikings endzone fumble game

4. Eagles 60 yard FG in the rain game

HM: Hail Murray


^ All painful losses from different season, nice!

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18 hours ago, Beast said:

13 seconds

Philadelphia game

2023 New England game

Hail Murray

This years Patriots game belongs in there because McDermott’s defense made Mac Jones look like Tom Brady.

I agree with this mostly but would sub the Hail Murray for the Cincy playoff game. 


The NE game isn't getting as much as it should.  It was a game we needed bad IMO against the worst offense in the league and you let Mac Jones go down the field for a game winning TD, not FG, TD!! UNEXCUSABLE! 



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28 minutes ago, Tenhigh said:

Weird take, but we are also 2nd in cap on IR.  That doesn't change the fact that we are 2nd in the league in defensive spending, kemosabe.

Both facts. It’s also a fact that if the dollars you’re spending on defense are on IR, they can’t help the defensive performance. Draw your conclusions from there.

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22 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:


The Vikings didnt even score on that drive. The Bills were up 27-23. The Defense stopped them on the goal line, and got the ball back with the lead 27-23. The Cam Lewis play should have been irrelevant as long as our Center and QB execute a simple snap. That loss was NOT on Cam Lewis.

Yeah, a big part of it was.


The Bills would have taken over deep in Minnesota territory if Lewis just knocked the freaking ball down. You most likely wouldn’t have had the bad exchange as they hurried it to prevent a safety. 



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5 minutes ago, FireChans said:

Both facts. It’s also a fact that if the dollars you’re spending on defense are on IR, they can’t help the defensive performance. Draw your conclusions from there.

My conclusion is that I'm perplexed why we so much of our cap % is being spent on our defense when out coach is supposed to be a defensive guru.  Couldn't a guy like that figure out how to do just a little more with less?  How much $$ does he need to get thT defense to make a late game stop?

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23 hours ago, BBFL said:

You’re right. The game shouldn’t have been in that position but we were due to other players; you and @DrDawkinstein are correct about that. 

if there’s blame on one guy for one singular play for us to come out with a loss, it’s that Cam Lewis play. Guy was on #18’s shoulders 😂

C’mon, it should never have gotten to that. The defense had just stopped Minnesota but the Bills were stuck at the one, fumbled the snap and gave up a TD.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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