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Rasul Douglas to Bills - per Rap


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9 minutes ago, oldmanfan said:

This thread shows more ignorance than the typical game day thread.  I didn’t think that was possible.

Pretty much, all day it's been "Hey why isn't Bean doing anything, What's he doing, Come on make a move, Do something *****," he does something immediate response "Not that!"

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1 minute ago, Niagara Dude said:

When you give up a 3rd you need to be getting a difference maker,  he is not him.  Beane just keeps on screwing up

We gave up a 3rd, sure. but still have a 3rd from Edmunds as a comp pick.  So we really gave up a 5th for him.  Feel better?

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2 minutes ago, Niagara Dude said:

3rd rounder way too much for this guy,  you might as well just give up first and 3rd for Patrick Surtain.  Beane got screwed over

We’re also getting a 5th back, and the guy is going to be a starting CB for us the rest of this season and probably through next season too.  Word is Broncos wanted more for Surtain than Ramsey was traded for a few years back, which is more than what you are stating.

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Just now, Niagara Dude said:

3rd rounder way too much for this guy,  you might as well just give up first and 3rd for Patrick Surtain.  Beane goy screwed over

They didnt just give up a 3rd, they received a 5th back.  They also get contract control for this year and next.  


This isnt Madden you cant just wish a Patrick Surtain trade into existence.     The asking price for Surtain according to ESPN was more than the Jaguars got for Ramsey which was 2 1sts and a 4th.    They werent giving up two 1sts for someone they would likely have to pay like the top CB in the league after next year.   Bottom line is the guy wasnt available.

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1 minute ago, Einstein said:

Yeah, it's a very good grade.

Only players in the 80's are the elite (top 5 or top 10 players in that position in the league).


And Allen is above a 90 right now...which should tell people something.

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15 minutes ago, Virgil said:

Don't like it, especially not for a 3rd round pick.  Is he even going to start over Benford and Jackson?  


That 3rd round pick could be way more important to this team as we will have a lot of holes to fill.  

I do not believe he will start exactly right away.  But he will be around for another year or so and KE is likely out the door.   

The last time I saw him play he had a tough game.   But we will see.  

We still have a third. 

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7 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:


I don't think he is an upgrade on our starters. Admittedly haven't seen a lot of Green Bay this season, but have seen a lot of Douglas since he came out of that good 2017 draft class. The Eagles ended up cutting him, 3 years after spending a 3rd on him because teams CONSTANTLY targeted him then he bounced around practice squads before sticking in Green Bay. No team in the NFL has misevaluated DBs as consistently as Green Bay in the past decade. 


For a 3rd with a 5th coming back I really do not like this. I think he is a better fit in our scheme than Elam but he is a lateral move from Jackson and Benford for me. 


Maybe he has suddenly improved a ton and will prove me wrong but man I hate this deal.

I like Rasul Douglas but if he doesn't beat out Jackson, I don't understand giving up a third round pick for him.  So I'm hoping GB that he's improved since you last saw him.

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6 minutes ago, BeastMaster said:

He has improved vastly from when he was in Philly 


It was like a light went on for him when he went to GB


You are judging him based off the old information you had from what you saw when he was with the Eagles. He's not the same player, and we usually get the best from corners when they get integrated into this scheme.


He's an upgrade over Dane, and maybe even Benford


I hope you are right. But I saw him last year and thought he still sucked. 


Josh shares my view


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2 minutes ago, Ralonzo said:


Comp picks have not been awarded yet. You can't trade what doesn't exist, so unless they have acquired anything this is the Packers own. The 3rd for sure is the Bills own. We'd figure the Bills to end up 20-25 and Pack 5-10 in selection order so the delta will likely be ~50 draft slots, so that's the actual price paid for Ras'al Ghul.

It ends up being a 4th round pick according to the NFL Trade Value Chart.  

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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