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NFC Team you are Cheering for???


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2 hours ago, Gregg said:

If I had to pick an NFC team it would be SF. Always liked them going back to the days of Montana, Clark and "The Catch" against Dallas. 

Me too.  In fact, for a number of years, they were kind of my "2nd team" or a team of interest if the Bills were not playing or were out of it.  I have always sort of rooted for the Packers as well..don't really dislike the team, love the fanbase, the stadium, the history, they are usually always good....



1 hour ago, SoCal Deek said:

I’ll go with the Lions. Their poor fans are long overdue! 

Not a bad choice right now.  They have the underdog thing going now.  I'd cheer for them against almost anyone as long as it isn't us!



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3 hours ago, wppete said:

Fun question for the off-season. Had a debate with a buddy about this. If you had to cheer for a NFC team  who would it be and why? I went with the obvious and said Carolina because of the long connection and the fact the Frank Reich is the head coach. 

SanFran. I have been a fan of that team since the Joe Montana days. 

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it has always been the Packers for me but not sure anymore.  Could be the Jiants now.


I had a job offer in Minneapolis and one of the benefits was the owners had a box in Vikings stadium and employees got a chance to use it.  I asked recruiter if I could get Green Bay Packers game for I was a fan and he said no but clearly he did not like response.  I later turned it down for they were paying for moving including helping sell your house and I told them my wife would not want to move until school year was over and would come after that and they told me no.  They wanted whole family to move when new employees came and they helped family adjust to move.

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Nobody, while the Giants have ties to the current regime I'm still bitter, and always will be, over Super Bowl XXV. Carolina has ties to use with Frank Reich but not a big fan of their rookie QB. So instead rather root for no one in the NFC or root for someone offer the easiest chance for the Bills to win a Super Bowl against who at this point could be the Chicago Bears. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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