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Bills Sign OG David Edwards


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1 minute ago, Herb Nightly said:

He was All American as a Right Tackle in college so he has versatility

Played QB in HS - Dorsey already scheming trick plays for him in the RZ 😛

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Just now, Herb Nightly said:

He was All American as a Right Tackle in college so he has versatility


I liked him a fair amount coming out as a RT prospect. Had a low 2nd on him from memory. Surprised that the Rams went straight to guard with him but he has generally played well there. 


If the money is right I like this pick up the best of all the moves so far I think. Sure he may not return to form but if he does he is a nice player. 

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1 hour ago, PrimeTime101 said:

4th season Depth Signing... 




Funny you mention that,


He was the starting guard for the Rams for the entire season, including Post Season and Super Bowl.    He also graded out Decently above average on both Run and pass blocking that year.



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10 minutes ago, Ed_Formerly_of_Roch said:



So who are you cutting?


They now have inside Morse, Bates, McGovern, Ike B, & Edwards.  Quez even played some guard last season.  That's 5, normally all a team carries and have 3 guys who can play center. 


Unless it's a sixth or seventh round draft pick can get away with cutting him and moving him to PS, anything higher, they risk another team grabbing him.  To me it doesn't make much sense to draft or sign guys in the spring, play them signing bonus to then turn around and cut.  I know they did it last year with Howard, but not good use of money.

Yes I see your point, but let's say that O'Cyrus Torrence is the pick.  I guess you let them all compete in preseason and let the chips fall where they may.  

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McGovern and Edwards are both starting level guards. 

I think they're both better than the usual level of IOL that Beane signs at this time of year.

I think they're both better than Spencer Long, Greg Mancz, etc.

I like it.

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2 minutes ago, Nitro said:

He will vie for starting RG and can back up both OG spots.  Like to see them test him as RT back up.  This is a solid Beane signing.  The O line looks better than last seasons version.  


The depth of the O-line last year was pretty awful, Queese was the best backup on the o-line by a mile, and while I don't think Queese is a bad backup his being the best backup shows a strong lack of depth at the unit. 


Edwards and Queese being the backups are a nice place to start depth-wise. Ideally, I would like Beane to draft two O-line players one at RT and one at Center and sign another "kick the tires vet". Grabbing an heir apparent for Mitch and short-term depth at center can be achieved in rounds 3-5 while in round 2 grabbing a tackle to compete with Brown and add depth would be nice. That would give the Bills Edwards, Queese and two rookies off the bench add one more decent vet to go along with Ike as camp competition and I think you have a better deeper O-line unit. 

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