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Bills Sign OG David Edwards


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Since Edwards became a Ram, he has appeared in 54 games and started in 46, recovered two fumbles and was part of the Rams' Super Bowl winning team in 2021. During the past four seasons, he showcased versatility by lining up at both right guard and left guard.


Edwards gave up just six sacks in 2021, tied for sixth-best among offensive linemen that season.


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We need to add to the O line was the claim all offseason, they are doing it. I don't see the problem. The guy has started 40-something games and started in and won a super bowl. I like him, Kromer likes him, and he's a Wisconsin lineman. I'm happy. 


Fun fact, he was an option QB in high school! McGovern-Edwards backfield coming soon! 

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The OL needs a nickname....I say the "Beach Chair Boys"...They are mostly big pasty white guys, other than Dion, you would see hanging out on beach chairs lathered in sunscreen wearing a bucket hat...Boettger, McGovern, Bates, Edwards, Quessenberry, Tommy Doyle, Brown, Morse 



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3 minutes ago, FrenchConnection said:

He was only hurt last year, but it was a concussion that caused him to miss most of the season. 


That's what I have seen.  Although he did get an ankle injury in his first playoff game in 2020 and was inactive the next game they lost.

For anyone interested in his game logs.


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7 minutes ago, streetkings01 said:

People gotta be more original……posting “Super Bowl” after every signing ran its course back in the early 2000’s of the message boards!

I believe the phrase was "Chamionship!." Marshawn started that on those old school fantasy football NFL commercials circa 2006.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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