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Bills Sign OG David Edwards


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Unless a blue chip offensive player falls to us or McBeane feels one is worth trading up for, the board should brace itself for another first round pick of a defensive player. My guess would be DT, but McD loves his MLBs, too. 

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1 minute ago, The Jokeman said:

McGovern can play Center in a pinch, I doubt we draft an OC only. 


I don't think they will ever draft a center-only prospect. McGovern is the only projected starter who was and is a pure G/C. Even their depth guys were tackles. 


Dawkins, Bates, Morse, Doyle, Ryan Van Denmark, Van Roten were LTs, Edwards, Brown, Mancz, Hart and Boettger were Rts.


They like tackles who move inside. 

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1 hour ago, SCBills said:

Love it.  


Talented player with a rough recent injury/concussion history, but had his best years under Kromer.  


Talented enough to push Bates for his spot and provides us excellent IOL depth with Boettger. 

How do we guarantee no more concussions?

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17 minutes ago, DrDawkinstein said:



Rams OL sucked last year, largely because they lost Edwards early in the season. The previous year, he played 100% of the Offensive snaps and they won a Super Bowl. With Kromer as OL coach too.

Well they also lost the NFL man of the year and starting LT, which might have been more impactful. 

That said, I didn’t realize he played every snap on that SB winning team. Pretty cool depth add. 

Anyone know if he’s better on the left or right? 

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1 hour ago, MAJBobby said:

He is a Solid young OG.  His issues are he is hurt a lot.  I think if healthy will be a nice swing OG for us

Not necessarily " a lot"  but concussions are tricky. I dont think he missed a game for the first few years. He played RT in college and the Bills DO like versatility.

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36 minutes ago, Yantha said:

This is good.  We're not signing "big name OG's" with big salaries (we can't afford it....), but it at least gives competition at the position, and eases the "draft need" at OG just a little.  


Still a draft need though...


34 minutes ago, Yantha said:




Backup OC might be a bigger draft need than backup OG now.  


So who are you cutting?


They now have inside Morse, Bates, McGovern, Ike B, & Edwards.  Quez even played some guard last season.  That's 5, normally all a team carries and have 3 guys who can play center. 


Unless it's a sixth or seventh round draft pick can get away with cutting him and moving him to PS, anything higher, they risk another team grabbing him.  To me it doesn't make much sense to draft or sign guys in the spring, play them signing bonus to then turn around and cut.  I know they did it last year with Howard, but not good use of money.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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