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Possible McKenzie Replacement Bills sign Deonte Harty (formally Deonte Harris)


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At the updated contract numbers,  it makes more sense.  I think the difference is only around $1.5M if they dump McKenzie.  I have no idea if he's actually better than McKenzie,  but again,  I'll give the scouting department the benefit of the doubt for now. 

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This is a nice piece to the WR puzzle, just as long as the Bills plan on adding more, whether in FA or the draft. Hopefully Harty is durable and doesn’t have a lot of drops. Having a speedy deep threat will help open up things underneath.

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9 minutes ago, Buffalo Boy said:

   I hope he’s useful and utilized.

   But, I’m starting to sense a pattern that Beane like little fast guys.

    5’6” !?!?

    How about getting Josh a 6’2” receiver who can use his body to block out DBs and fights for balls.

Because when you get insane separation you get an uncontested catch. 

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4 minutes ago, Airseven said:

Don’t like that contract for what will become a 5’ 6 return specialist. 

Also, shouldn’t this board be upset about his arrest a year ago?

So that's why we were competing with the Chiefs for him.

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Just now, 78thealltimegreat said:

He hasn’t been cut yet and I’ve seen nothing that he’s been told he’s being released they are even talking about it on WGR 

I assume he's on the block. They just restructured his contract, right?

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34 minutes ago, somnus00 said:

McKenzie turns that into a 10 yard completion... or a dropped pass.

And Cole is still putting on 33 head bobs at the 3 yard mark mark with his DJ beat in his head…this is truly an upgrade 

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Saints fans on Twitter all like him.  



-Tons of potential


-Wish he wasn’t injured all last year so they could’ve seen what he’s capable of


-Saints have no money and think they found his replacement last year anyway

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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