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Jackson Mahomes Sexual Assault(Update)Arrested


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People have no idea how they'd react in a situation like that. It probably takes a few minutes to really process WTF just happened. He needs to be checked before it escalates into something worse. I have zero tolerance for uncivilized people in a modern civilized world. Animals like this make the world worse. 


I think women should minimally carry pepper spray everywhere they go, it would have handled this situation perfectly. It's  unwarranted here, but it surprises me more women don't exercise their 2A also. I'm a fit middle aged man that exercises regularly and I do both. 


That said, I'm a big Kermit fan. He rises up and carries himself as a class act despite all this craziness around his life. He's a winner in and out of the game.


Go Bills!

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1 hour ago, Zerovoltz said:

2.  Until this happend...like many..I thought he was gay.  I dn't have a prpblem with people having varying sexuality...I don't care if he is or not....just surprised to see that he's at minimum Bi, if not straight.  Perhaps my own biases are incorrect, but he alwasy came accross to me as effeminent...and therefore homosexual.  

Kissing a woman doesn’t mean he isn’t gay or even that he’s into women.  He could be in performance mode  trying to cover his true sexuality.    I used to think the same thing you did until the day one of my friends came out.  And he was that friend who always had a beautiful woman with him.

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1 hour ago, uticaclub said:

Jason Allen is such a better human


Patrick seems like a decent guy.  His brother seems like a complete douchebag unlike Allen's siblings who all seem like a fantastic family.  


Jackson's not doing his brother any favors PR wise.  He seems to be nothing but a ball-and-chain in that regard.  I couldn't help but notice that when Brittany got into her little social media dustup that Jackson was right there next to her.  


Instead of worrying about his social media image, Jackson should take advantage of his brother's wealth and start a business or something instead of validating the narrative of the self-entitled's.  

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2 hours ago, Zerovoltz said:

Couple thoughts on this :


1.  Obviously Mahomes is extremely popular in KC.  We don't like his brother at all, and we tolerate his wife, becasue she's Pats wife.  Pats mom also kind of goes little astray on twitter from time to time (nothing like this though)  Pat is not his brother, but his brother does this stupid crap becasue he's pats brother.  Pat shouldn't have to, but it's going to fall on him to law down the law here....it's clear Pat fiancially aids his brother, and his brother rewards him by being a jack wagon way too frequently, dragging Pat down into the mud.  It doesn't look good for Pats mom, who sometimes can come accross as a bit righteous about her beliefs....to have your kid out here forcably kissing a woman like this.



Well, good thing he didn't do worse or the Browns would have brought him in for a try out.

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5 minutes ago, MarkyMannn said:

Assault means prison. You see that??

assault doesn’t mean prison but I could see 30 days. Grabbing a woman by the throat and kissing her.  I’d love someone here to tell me if this happened to their wife, daughter etc if they would just be ok with him doing this. Like, honey why didn’t you hit him? This is just guys being guys. Jfc 

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56 minutes ago, MarkyMannn said:

Far short of assault IMO


33 minutes ago, aristocrat said:

Explain how it’s not assault. 


24 minutes ago, 4merper4mer said:

Short skirt


So if you whip out a wad of bills in public and someone grabs it and runs, it's not really theft, because you were showing it off.


How about this one? You go out for a jog wearing shorts that show just as much leg as her skirt showed. A dude likes the way you look, grabs you, and plants a wet one right on the lips. No complaints?






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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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