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Who are you rooting for next week? Cincy or KC?


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I would not mind seeing a reenactment of the 1989 SF-Cincy Super Bowl, complete with a last minute SF td for the win.


Otherwise,  I will be rooting for KC to knock Cincy down a peg or two for being such ***** pre and post game last Sunday.

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Rooting for cinci tinight



csn you imagine how HORRIBLE the morale is going to be around and inside that KC franchise if they lose YET AGAIN in the afc championship ???


dang that’s a lot of losing a big game…I’d hate to be that team losing 4-5 afc championships they boast to have made.  Yikes


cincinatti losing. 2nd Super Bowl in a row


goes without saying “can’t win the big one Joe!” Will be thrown their direction.  For cinci to lose another sb - damn


this could actually help the Bills being #3 team to watch them fall apart - both of them

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8 minutes ago, SoCal Deek said:

Bengals all the way. I’m dying to see the Chiefs go home early…. again. 

It's weird, but despite having gotten our you know whats kicked by them, I kind of like this Bengals team, and I really like Joe Burrow.  


I also HATE Mahomes and the Chiefs, in general.  Especially Kelce.  


So it will be easy and fun to cheer for Bengals today.


In the NFC game, I have no preference at all.


I just want to see an amazing close game.  Let the best team win....and then crush the Bengals in the SB.




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ooof ugly decision. I expect them both to be entertaining.


If Cincy were to get to the Super Bowl and lose, they would join the 0-4 club with Buffalo and the Vikings which would be sweet after all the squawking after the game. It would be a hoot to see a team loose to the same team (SF) 3 times in the Super Bowl over the span of a looong time.


Either way I am pulling for the NFC this year. I lived in Philly a long time and know a lot of Eagles fans, so I am going in with the Eagles the rest of the way. Hurts is very Josh Allen like in many ways (different in others), would like to see that style of QB win the Super Bowl.

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I would have said Cincy a few days ago based on how they handled the Hamlin situation but the douchiness of the fans and some of the players (Eli Apple for example) reared it's ugly head this week after they won.    Many of their fans are like a dorky junior high kid that suddenly gets popular, doesn't know how to handle the success and become insufferable to everyone around them after so that everyone cant stand them shortly after.   


Still would pull for them over the Chiefs, but not as much as before.

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8 minutes ago, Success said:

I hate everyone today.


Side note:  obviously, you want to advance in the playoffs 10x out of 10. But if there is any silver lining to today, it's that I can't be devastated.  


I hear ya.

my son’s 8th birthday party is today. I told him how after my 9th birthday party, we all watched the Bills lose to the Browns on the Ronnie Harmon drop, and someone threw something at the wall, putting a hole in it.  So, they won’t have that same post-birthday party experience tonight. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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