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  1. As a newly minted, temporary ravins fan, I plan on watching. Whether that happens is TBD.
  2. If he behaved as he does in front of reporters, yep!
  3. Mediocrity is what we had, before, the Pegulas bought the team. Sure they whiffed on the Rex Ryan show, but McDermott and Beane are as committed to bringing a Championship to Buffalo as anyone since Levy and Pollian.
  4. I worked with a guy named Bruce Smtih (not HOF Bruce). Everytime the Bills lost and/or Bruce had a bad game, this guy would receive obscene phone calls on how badly he played. On one hand it was funny, on the other it's like, wtf, these guys need to get a life.
  5. Preferably: Resign Hyde to a 1 year deal. Keep Poyer. Both players retire as Bills in 2025 with the full grace and honor they deserve and hopefully with a Lombardi Trophy for their HOF resumes.
  6. Shakir is our slot receiver that can line up outside on occasion. The team needs a burner with great hands to challenge the defense down the field on a consistent basis. That receiver is currently not on the team. We should be able to draft one in the first round this year.
  7. The problem I see with firing McDermott is the potential/probable loss of all the assistant and position coaches leaving with him. McDermott may set the tone/character of the team and is responsible for the team overall, but it's everyone behind him that trains/develops the players so they are ready to contribute when they step on the field. Bringing in belicheat also brings in his kid and all his other cronies and philosophies. Curse me, but I'd take McDermott over belicheat any day of the week.
  8. What a great article! I did not know that Nagi was the OC. Now I understand why the cheifs are struggling on offense, besides their piss poor receivers.
  9. He should have been on the field for Philly's last two drives over Miller. First round! Not 4th or 5th.
  10. One of the things I noticed with the shotgun run calls, in this game, the running back came to Allen for the ball vs Allen going to the running back to hand off the ball. IMO, (obviously) having the back moving to the ball, generates more momentum towards the LOS, than standing still waiting for Allen to get him the ball.
  11. Appreciate the sentiment and philosophic perspective. For the most part I am right there with you. Been a Bills fan since they drafted OJ. After the Superbowl losses and the subsequent doldrums of mediocrity, it took a while to redevelop any emotional attachment to this team. Grew tired of all the off season hype and hope only to be disappointed. Wash, rinse, repeat for 17 years. Still enjoyed watching, waiting, speculating. Then came Josh Allen and all the hope and promise that this young man represented along with him. The emotions returned. I liked everything I heard and saw from the GM down to the practice squad players. I thought, this was our time. Despite the roller coaster of this season, I never lost hope thinking Josh would wake up, the team would rally, and the coaches would lead. As much as I believe every word you posted, I am still left with being.... Pissed Off! Tomorrow is a new day. Go Bills!
  12. Kelly had plenty of "clunkers" including a couple of super bowls.
  13. I separated my shoulder playing basketball. Hurt like hell, looked worse. could not move it. At the emergency room, the doctor laid me out on the table, slowly worked the arm until it popped back in. The shoulder felt great and I was ready to go back to the gym. Then the doc started wrapping my arm to my torso. I asked what was all this? That's when he told me I would be out of work for a month.
  14. Teams of players brought in throw free agency or trade during McBean era: Minnesota Dallas 2 players Cleveland Green Bay Miami New Orleans Raiders Rams 3 players New England Tampa Bay Arizona that's all I can remember right now Denver!
  15. If Tua is getting rid of the ball so quickly, (1st in the league) then it means he is throwing to his 1st option and his eyes should tell you where he is throwing. Taking away that 1st option, forces him to scan for other options, equals more time for the DL to get pressures. Also having the DL raise arms to tip/bat down passes should be more effective, easier to achieve than sacks.
  16. On a lot of plays,I could see Allen looking down field first, then went with the "safe" throw. I think it's more Josh being less selfish and more accountable to his team.
  17. Instead he had 450 yards passing and the winning TD
  18. 14 - 3 with road wins in KC & Cincinnati. Win the Division with 1 Division loss. Number 1 seed Superbowl Win!
  19. Bruce was the one doing the pounding. He was the rare bird that could take over a game. Prime example being the Kelly Era Bills first home playoff game against Warren Moon's Houston Oilers.
  20. If he throws like that with long sleeves on, then why wear short sleeves?
  21. McDermott trusts him.
  22. Spector was anything but lost in preseason last year and so far the reports from training camp on Spector is, he looks good. Plays instinctively and flies to the ball.
  23. That's why you help out your inexperienced and not as talented backfield with a pass rush.
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