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  1. Bills - 99 Browns - 3 With the last two games in the rear view mirror, Buffalo and Allen get back on track and take out their frustrations on the Brownies.
  2. Since Frank was unceremoniously fired from the Colts, his spirit is now free to root for his one and only true team. If Josh is unable to play this weekend (or further,) Frank can channel his winning ways into Case Keenum and propel our backup to lead great and glorious victories in stead for Allen. Go Bills!
  3. Colts do not have Josh Allen at QB.
  4. As a long time fan, the 1988 season was one of the best to watch. During The Super Bowl years it was Bills frenzy even without the internet. I remember taking my kids to the local sledding hill on Sunday mornings to wear them out so I could enjoy the games while they napped. The hill was covered in Red, White, & Blue parents doing the same, all wearing their Bills gear talking about the Bills. These days, I see a lot more Bills signs and flags hanging from poles and in yards. This is on par with the excitement generated with the exception that with today's team, the expectation and confidence is much much more.
  5. The second coming of Steve Grogan
  6. If I was a butthole Chiefs fan, I would be tempted to start a "13 seconds" chant.
  7. Whenever there is a short yardage, goal line, red zone situation; the Bills double team Kelce on the line to keep him there.
  8. I'm surprised there isn't some standard that the home team has to provide shade for both sides of the field.
  9. Watching the Chiefs Raiders game last night, you could see the Chiefs Off and Def adjusting as the game went on. They definitely used the plays that worked, (Kelsey TDs) but they kept trying different plays/defenses to keep the raiders off balance. Whatever "wrinkles" Dorsey has in mind, he needs to keep changing up throughout the game. But then there is Allen, who can change up things on the fly. Our defense is what needs to adapt as the game progresses.
  10. We already drafted Spector in the 7th round in case a contract can't be negotiated with Edmunds.
  11. We still have Knox and Morris, plus Gilliam and Cook. Bring up Hodgins even if they run him as a decoy. I think the bigger problem is on special teams, as in who will be running back kickoffs (at least once) and punts (many times.) Hyde, Crowder, McKenzie were the punt returners.
  12. I always liked her for college/Olympic softball, but the one game she did for the Bills - Dolphins game last year was awful. The best part of that game (besides the win) was the broadcast feed problems resulting in the NBC studio crew calling the game.
  13. As long as he wasn't down, i.e. knee/elbow to the ground. If his knee is on the ground and then touched, he is down by contact.
  14. Having Josh Allen gives us at least 6 extra points on the spread regardless of the opponent.
  15. With Allen's ability to throw high velocity passes, I believe the rain won't be a problem except for the ability to hold onto a wet ball. For the Bills running game, keep Singletary in more than Moss and Cook.
  16. I wouldn't doubt that McDermott is on the practice field with a garden hose trying to simulate the rainy conditions on Sunday.
  17. I use to have a large maple tree in my back yard. Back yard is south facing. On hot 90+ deg days, there was a 15 degree difference between standing/working in the sun and standing under tree. I agree the stadium design was deliberate to aid the dolphins and hurt the visiting teams. To not allow shade tarps/tents or place the same shielding on the top of the stadium is a failing of the NFL.
  18. The biggest success the defense had on Henry, tackling him around his legs! Trying to tackle this guy higher usually results in getting run over.
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