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  1. The pats**** are so use to not getting calls against them, they play with out fear . Gilmore was holding, no call, any other team , PI.
  2. If you mean play mistake free, you are correct.
  3. I looked at the schedule last night and in all honesty, we could be 10-1 by the Thanksgiving Dallas Game.
  4. It appeared (observed on the replay) that the holding penalty was the reason FOR the long kickoff return. Bojorquez did look bad in the preseason, but who cares as long as he is kicking very well in the season, which he has so far.
  5. By beating the Pats***** twice, the team is almost guaranteed to win the division. Win the division, get a possible home playoff game.
  6. This was the label put on the Bills during/after the 87 season. The 88 season was a thing of glory and they were one punch away from their first Super Bowl.
  7. Allen was a good QB, the moment he stepped into the game at Baltimore. He has a ways to go before being considered a Great QB.
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