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  1. “It’s a credit to Brandon (Beane) and his staff, and then also our development team and the way that they got these young guys in a short amount of time to understand what habits need to look like in the NFL if you want to play and perform at a high level." This is one of my biggest takeaways from the season and how McDermott runs this team. Look forward to this year's crop of rookies and how well they will contribute to get us to the next level.
  2. The Chiefs will show us how we should have beat the Texans.
  3. One thing I learned/realized about the players McBeane have brought in, there is a least one experienced guy at each position. This is an excellent way to infuse our younger guys with the leadership/experience/mentoring to build up the team. Also of note is the older guys are team first guys and lead by example.
  4. Miami ... almost zero. Fitzpatrick... all the confidence in the world.
  5. With a Bill's win over the Patriots, it forces the Patriots to play Miami straight up without the benefit of resting players in order to win the division and keep pace with Kansas City (who play Chicago and Chargers, both very winnable for the Chiefs.)
  6. I believe Ryan is still a Bill at heart and will do everything he can to give the Bill's the division.
  7. When I saw Allen's highlight film from Wyoming, I thought he reminds me of Elway, Marino, and Kelly combined. The legs of Elway, The arm of Marino, and the guts of Kelly.
  8. And he shoots fireballs from his eyes and lightening bolts from his a$$.
  9. I loved how Allen got 4 yards on a qb sneak.
  10. Not really. He was hurt by a cheap shot towards the end of last year that effected his kicking and has been very good this year until last Sunday.
  11. Couple of things I kind of disagree with: Singletary only had 8 carries for 48 yds and a 5.0 ave. Cleveland run defense is near the bottom of the league, which this brings home the point, the run game was working when used. There is no way Cleveland has that much time at the end of the game if the play calling revolved around the run game. During our last drive, Allen was on target and moving the Bills into position to win, yet for some reason, the coaches decided to pull up, allow time to run down with a huddle and go for a 50+ fg that Hauschka hasn't made in his last 5. My BIL is a Browns season ticket holder and his opinion of the Browns is they always shoot themselves in the foot. Most of the blame is towards the coaching. During the game, I had to agree with them. However, the Bills coaching (who I think is the best we have had since Marv) was just a little bit worse with their game time decisions.
  12. My brother-in-law is a Browns season ticket holder. His opinion of the Browns, "They always shoot themselves in the foot." On paper they have talent, they are playing at home, but their coaching seems f*cked, thus no team chemistry. This game could go several ways, we blow them out, it is a close game with Browns squeaking out a win, or it's a close game with the 'Browns shooting themselves in the foot' and a Bill's win. The biggest difference in the game is coaching... Bills Win, 31-27.
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