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  1. The 86 Bears were told to cut out the head butts because they were causing too many concussions. If my memory serves me correctly.
  2. Offense scored 6 points, defense scored 6 points, special teams scored 5 points. I would call that a complete game.
  3. 80% of Allens development is on Allen. 20% is split between Diggs and Daboll. Daboll has been excellent (mho) in game plans, calling games and in game adjustments. He has utilized Allen's talents very well and may be why the credit.
  4. Making pizza and wings. Last Saturday put running boards on my truck.
  5. The Bills have done it several times this year. Frank should have known.
  6. Yeah, I thought there was a league official lending expert advice on close calls like that??
  7. Next year we will have number one seed.
  8. M2C The game will come down to adjustments during the game. Who wins the chess match between Reich and Daboll wins the game.
  9. As if the Pats**** never ran up the score on them. Running up the score is kicking a fg with 5 seconds on the clock with a 3 score lead.
  10. If look at Josh Allen's 'NextGenStats,' I would say the Ravens have more to worry about than the Bills.
  11. Most of Knox's drops were not looking the ball into his hands. A problem since his rookie season. This is correctable, however one would think he would have corrected it by now.
  12. Show them no mercy, just like they never did for us.
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