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Who are you rooting for next week? Cincy or KC?


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13 minutes ago, machine gun kelly said:

Philly.  SF has enough rings.  I’m not rooting for Cincy or KC.  Philly has a ring, but they are deserving of another crack at it.


These championship games will be pretty good I hope.  Both are solid matchups.

Both should be good matchups agreed.


I know media will focus on Cin beating KC three times in like 10 months. But all went to the wire. 


KC has the advantage at QB, OL, coaching, and DL. 


It's unimaginable to think KC could lose two straight conference title games at home to the same opponent. 


I was not sold on SF before today. Still am not. They have a great, not all time elite, D. No doubt. But they have benefited from playing inaccurate passers for the most part. Now they go on the road and face a challenge that has not come there way in three months.





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I guess the goodwill that Cincinnati built up amongst our fan base over the years (ending the drought, helping us through the Hamlin situation) was destroyed last night?  I honestly wouldn't mind seeing them win it all.  Then again, if they win next week, then lose the SB, they will join us and Minnesota in the 0-4 club.

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Neither, as I hate them both. Hope they beat each other up.  Glad Cowboys are out as I despise that franchise too. Never liked the  Eagles and only rooted for them in 2 Super Bowls vs New England. So it’s the 49ers for me , a team I’ve always had respect for. 

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In the CIN @ KC game, my wish is for either a lop sided beat-down or a catastrophe of similar nature to 13 seconds, not bothered as to who wins.


I want the loser to be questioning their HC, GM, offensive and defensive schemes, roster construction etc, in a similar manner to we are currently feeling but even worse considering they have made it further this season.



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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