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  1. Brown will win with a write in , bank on it. The change to City Manager would need a referendum but Nov 2021 is too soon if I heard right.
  2. The drug companies say they can tweak the pfizer and moderna vaccine to deal with future variants , I hope
  3. The problem for mandatory on a government level is FDA approval. Vaccine emergency approval vs full approval
  4. You're saying you did not watch the testimony of the 4 Police Officers ?
  5. China Has Rejected A WHO Plan For Further Investigation Into The Origins Of COVID-19 "It is impossible for us to accept such an origin-tracing plan," he said at a news conference called to address the COVID-19 origins issue. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/07/22/1019244601/china-who-coronavirus-lab-leak-theory That makes the lab origin look more possible now.
  6. The FDA still keeping the vaccines at emergency use authorization vs approval is holding up mandating vaccine use.
  7. Watch the commission videos and police testimonies of the brutal combat against the rioters. 140 police injured was not by accident.
  8. 60 court cases said they were legal , including the Supreme Court that McConnell and Trump packed with 3 of their choice, by eliminating the 60 vote rule.
  9. Staff at a Florida hospital say they are hearing panic, fear and regret from unvaccinated Covid-19 patients "We're getting ready to intubate the patient, which means putting them on a ventilator, and they said, 'If I get the vaccine now, could I not go on the ventilator?' So, they're begging for it," Chief Nursing Officer Tammy Daniel told CNN. "They're desperate because they are gasping for air, they can't breathe, they are scared, they feel like they're going to pass away. " But by then, they are too late for a vaccine to stop their infection. Baptist Medical Center has
  10. Show proof it was a inside job provoked by the FBI or its bs
  11. The Capitol Police and Metro Police would disagree. The warnings before 1/6 they should have had riot gear , ample tear gas and National Guard . Kevin McTrump tried to sabotage the Commission by appointing 3 Trump nut jobs. No rioters should have ever entered the Capitol Building , they knew of the mass rally and online plans long enough before 1/6 to be prepared.
  12. Why are the Red States who support Trump way behind taking the vaccine ? The Blue States are way ahead with vaccines.
  13. So Trump supporter tourists mob smash out windows to enter a room guarded by armed police like a home invasion , ok
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