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  1. The U.S.A. young ladies really deserve a big pay raise , they are great .👍
  2. Houston has close to $40M cap space with the tag amount. He must want a deal like Mack.
  3. USA v. Venezuela, 2019 friendly: What we learned (men's soccer) The game sucked. The US played sloppily and got sucker punched to a 3-nil defeat. And here’s an attempt at what happened and what we can take away from it. https://www.starsandstripesfc.com/2019/6/10/18659363/usa-v-venezuela-2019-friendly-what-we-learned
  4. Interesting contract , $10M the next 6 years , then $7M and $5M the last two. He will have to earn a raise after year 6 and then the last 2 years are good for a trade. Well done Jason B 👍 https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/buffalo-sabres/jeff-skinner-7679/
  5. Makes me glad we have Beane and McDermott on the same page. Hope they bring back Gaine or Philly might hire him.
  6. I want to trust McBeane for at least 5 years. They will make more mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Castillo was a major mistake . If they can hire a good scouting dept is another key.
  7. With Castillo gone Dawkins should be ok at LT if he is next to a good LG and Morse at C.
  8. The league wants higher ticket prices is the bottom line. Did the Bills ever survey season ticket holders how much more they would pay at the present or a new stadium ? If they go to 18 games, January could be difficult
  9. It's all about if Krueger can convince Skinner to stay. After losing high scorers Kane and O Reilly the Sabres can't afford to let Skinner go.
  10. The idea a cleaning service had the wrong address is possible but how did they get inside if the doors were locked ?
  11. I want to roll over cap space and see how this team can do.
  12. Sal C. would have been a better choice then Tasker. He does excellent research , also Joe B
  13. “It did (click today),” said Sweeney. “Tyree is a really good quarterback. He’s the size of a tight end so maybe that was why he was able to see. He did a good job today and threw the ball phenomenally and I was able to get open.” Dawson Knox was also a frequent target. He took a nice route to the far side of the field and got just enough separation from fellow rookie Vosean Joseph to make an acrobatic catch along the sideline for a 15-yard pickup. He couldn’t come up with a couple of other targets, but demonstrated his athleticism and speed in the open field. He was also very elusive in one-on-ones against linebackers and safeties. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/top-5-observations-from-bills-rookie-minicamp
  14. So much roster turn over I would want to see what we have now and go after biggest needs in 2020.
  15. After Knox signs, Bill's cap about $25.5M , that would be a nice roll over https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/
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