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  1. Unless the Bills are playing catchup in most of their games, I dont see Allen getting near the 4500 mark. With the addition of Breida, the Bills will try to utilize the ground game more, limiting Allens numbers. Diggs on the other hand will get about 110 catches with 1200 yards.
  2. People are gonna be furious about this. Lol
  3. All non traditional thanksgiving games are in the late slot
  4. Fantastic read. I agree with everything you said except for the very last part. I dont feel the Bills need to draft a WR so early, as they have a pretty deep WR core as it is. The bills need players that can step in and play from day 1 and they need a corner opposite of Tre White. I felt the Bills would get a corner at pick 1 and D Line at pick 2. Here's to hoping they can grab Kelvin Joseph or Asante Samuel Jr
  5. So is anyone taking a shot after every time Rich Eisen says “fully vaccinated room!”?
  6. They did say bold.... and that’s as bold as you can go. 😂
  7. 15 years, 900 million, 700 guaranteed and a key to the city.
  8. with Brees retiring, this game doesn't have a primetime feel to it. I feel like the Bills will get more Sunday night games this year. I think 2 Sunday nights, a Monday night and a Thursday night game. Pitt Monday night, TB Thursday night, KC and NE on Sunday night.
  9. Why are we even wondering who the Jets will pick?
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