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  1. We also had a stinker of a game against the Jets, only kicking field goals. Weather was pretty good that day 🤷‍♂️😂
  2. Only difference is Cleveland actually has a decent running game, keeping the Chiefs off balance a bit.
  3. Last time the Bills were in the AFC Championship, 1993, against the Chiefs.
  4. Handoff to Dobbins over the right side for a 7 yard gain
  5. Going into the Indy game, my anxiety was at a all time high. I felt Indy had a strong chance at knocking off the Bills, and they almost did. Going into this game against the Ravens, I feel a weird sense of calmness. Getting that first playoff win in 25 years calmed a lot of nerves, so going into this upcoming game I fell the Bills will be more relaxed and play loose football.
  6. Someone go check on JuJu! These can’t be the same old Browns!
  7. Sorry, still bitter over that COVID game earlier in the year. LOL
  8. Nah. Tennessee is one team with no class, starting from their POS coach.
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