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Fix The Bills - You're the GM and HC


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We all know the weaknesses, worries, strengths and reasons for optimism with this team.


At 6-2, with a history of going into a lull around this time of year, what would YOU do?


Option 1 - Sign OBJ, obviously.  Lack of a true WR2 is clearly a massive issue this year.  Let's take that out of the equation for now.


If it's me:


-Bench McKenzie from the slot role.  He's killing the offense.  Some of it is on him, some of it is due to Allen clearly not trusting him.  Develop a package for him with jet sweeps, motion and goal line opportunities.  That should have been his role all along.


-Give Shakir extended run at slot and see if he can take ownership of the role and develop chemistry with Allen.  We have Kumerow back as outside depth.


-Use Hines heavy in the slot and as an Ekeler-type safety valve


-Settle on two backs and allow them to find a rhythm.  As much as I like Cook, this likely becomes Singletary and Hines.  Rotating 3 just gets too jumbled and I don't think it works for a guy who needs touches to get into the game and another guy who we're trying to integrate mid-season. 


-Force Allen to throw designed check downs to loosen two deep shells.  I don't care if he doesn't want to do it.. he has to.  Run designed plays that go to the RB in the flat or in shallow routes.  If they don't want to run the ball more, fine.. but if Knox is needed to block, we need a reliable short passing game.  Give Allen easy reads and nickel/dime teams to death 5-10 yards at a time until they react. 


On Defense, I'm sure they'll figure out the run game issues... They always do, let's just hope it's sooner rather than later. 

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1. Run the ball more. Singletary is effective. 11-13 carries per game.


Cook, on the field more 5-6 carries per game.


Aim for 20 runs plays per game, that’s still the Bills passing ~60% of the time.


2. We’ve been static in our personnel grouping. It’s Diggs, Davis and McKenzie.


Start rotating in Kumerow & Shakir, even if that means Diggs has to sit out a play or two, or Davis has to come off the field here and there, and certainly McKenzie. Start tapping into the depth on this team.


3. Figure out how to help the RT. Brown was being mauled in Kansas City and Miami, and Quessenberry was a turnstile yesterday. Rotate those two, use Gilliam, but it can’t just be take a good receiver in Knox and make him a 6th OLineman.


4. Look at your players throughout the game. It’s the middle of the 3rd Quarter and Diggs hasn’t had a target? Figure out a way to get him the ball. It’s ridiculous that he didn’t have a target until the last drive of the 4th, that’s unacceptable.  



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First of all at six and two the bills do not need to be fixed


Now what would I do to improve the team?


I would notice trends in player performance over the past two weeks James Cook has improved reward that performance


I would recognize that the fact that they give shikur Playing time he does things with it it is baffling to me that they took him off of special teams and put Hines in but did not play him at wide receiver


I would recognize the fact that it is possible for Josh Allen to have a bad game and when we are throwing the ball to the other team I would run it more


but more than anything I would recognize that the season is a marathon not a sprint there are going to be ups and downs in every season and we are not going to win every game anybody thought that we were going to win every game this year was just setting themselves up for disappointment


I would also make sure that I am concentrating on the positives of this team instead of making wholesale changes the team is six and two have played some of the top teams in the league this year and beaten them already

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That's just it, to fix this team you may need to ultimately replace the HC and GM.


The biggest irony right now is that despite coming from Carolina and watching how Cam Newton's career was run into the ground they are trying to do the exact same thing with JA17 and ensure his shelf life in this league is exactly the same if not much less.

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13 minutes ago, BuffaloBill said:

Cut the entire roster and start over.








People …. Really? We’ve lost two one score games.




2 losses through 8 games by a combined 6 points. 


Definitely time to burn it to the ground and start over!

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3 minutes ago, BuffaloRebound said:

I’d put White on IR if he’s not up to playing some snaps on Sunday.  We don’t need that around the team.  These guys are soft enough.  Make a statement.  We need hungry guys on the field.  


What does Tre have to do with the loss yesterday.

He's coming off an ACL injury... Why would you put him on IR for the rest of the season when he is getting closer to being ready?

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I'd do the same thing I do every year when we hit the annual "sky is falling" mid-season slump (yeah, I know, one loss doesn't really equal a slump, but they sure haven't looked like the same team from the second half of the Green Bay game onwards):

Re-focus, practice the fundamentals (blocking, tackling, catching, passing mechanics), don't panic, and get back to playing Buffalo Bills football.

I refuse to over-react to one loss against a division opponent with a really good defense. Football is a tough game, and the other guys get paid too.

Bills are 3rd in ppg on offense and and 1st in ppg allowed on defense. They're a really good team. They were never going 17-0. They'll get through this slump like they do every year and finish strong and this game will soon be a blip in the rearview mirror on the way to the playoffs.


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34 minutes ago, HOUSE said:

Sign Ndamakong Suh and kick ass on Defense

I would love to have that guy, but what I would LOVE to see is us getting rid of smaller/athletic types on the DL and replace them with HUGE bodies.  They are out there, but not everyone has them.


I feel like you have to have one, especially in the middle.  Simply ask him NOT to be moved.  Let everyone do everything else around his brick wall.



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2 minutes ago, ddaryl said:


What does Tre have to do with the loss yesterday.

He's coming off an ACL injury... Why would you put him on IR for the rest of the season when he is getting closer to being ready?

Because we’re playing 2 backups at safety, a rookie CB on one side and a guy on the other side who returned 2 weeks after it looked like he broke his neck.  

If nothing else, play a few snaps and provide some leadership.  Gotta be creeping into his teammates minds about what’s going on.  There was hope he’d be ready week 1.  We’re on to week 10.  

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1 hour ago, ngbills said:

No one has mentioned OL? Well one person mentioned RT. Huge problem there. But really across the line. Morse is getting older, ditto to saffold. Bates is serviceable. Dawkins is our only legit OL. 

Not much we can do about it right now.  

Bills OL really isn’t a problem, tbh.  It’s not an elite unit, but who really has a dominant line anymore?


Chiefs spent all that money and draft capital for what?  Any good DL wrecks them.  Same with the Bengals. 

We have a decent group that is protecting/blocking for an offense that is way too predictable. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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