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All your juicy Odell Beckham gossip


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2 hours ago, SCBills said:

OL worth anything are rarely made available. 

Contending teams with them aren’t trading them, and bad teams with young QB’s want them so they can evaluate their guy. 



There are contending teams, there are bad teams with young QBs, and there are others.


Teams rarely make good WRs available either. But sometimes they do. Same with OLs.


I'd rather have an OL myself. I can see Beckham here if he's cheap enough, but I wouldn't expect too much out of him coming in late and trying to learn the playbook and playing some share of snaps. For whatever team he plays for.

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16 minutes ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

I'm pretty sure that account doesn't make things up 

I’m skeptical of anything that a fan site posts - especially when it comes to airport visits - until it has been verified by the local press.  

10 minutes ago, Gugny said:


What the hell does any of this mean?

He’s saying he isn’t a diva and that he cares more about winning than anything else 

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OBJ is pretty candid in his replies on Twitter.  Sounds like he feels disrespected by LA at the moment and seems pretty obvious he's truly in Buffalo right now.  He's refuted multiple things in the thread, one of them NOT being he is in Buffalo. 



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3 hours ago, Bills2022 said:

OBJ would be fighting it out to be the Bills 4th receiver.  We don't need him.  Shakir is already better than him.



A week ago were pining for Jake kunerow, and today we don't need OBJ? 

Imagine an injury or two to the WRs again, now imagine in playoffs (seem to remember an AFCCG with 3 top WRs basically shot).


Would anyone have wanted an OBJ for that game??????

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The one thing that I don't love about the OBJ rumors is that I think this staff wants to stick with the guys that got them there at this point. 6 weeks ago I doubt they wanted anything to do with OBJ and were happy with the WR position. Now we lose Crowder, Kumerow, McKenzie, and a hobbled Davis, there is probably some more fear heading into the offseason. 

As long as OBJ (or any other WR) can come in and know that their place is basically a rotational WR4 I am all for it. 

I do like the idea of being able to move Diggs inside and have OBJ and Davis on the outside in certain situations. 

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