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NFL WEEK #4 - Bills at Ravens - Post Game Thread


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Two critical mistakes that lost the Ravens this one score game:


1) Bad challenge costs them a timeout. They converted the ensuing 4th down anyways so it was a waste.

2) Lamar Jackson throws a pick instead of giving up on the play and pinning us inside the 5 yard line.


On point #2, Allen just took the lead in the MVP race.

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What a Comeback!!


Honestly other than Lamar running I never really felt threatened by him as a Passer


I would say Josh Leapfrogs over Lamar for MVP.



This team responded just like in Tampa.


Still some questionable play calls at crucial times which need to be cleaned up.


Its  going to be a great week! 

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Gotta admit it, I was all doom and gloom in the first half. Wanted McD fired and said this team is a farce. But that 2nd half was a thing of beauty. I need to go on medication before every Bills game so I don't say so much dumb *****!! Great win!!!

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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