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NFL Week #3 - Bills at the Dolphins - 2nd half game thread


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Just now, WideNine said:

Jaquan has to shake that off and keep playing tough...


With more seasons under his belt he will learn to time those better... they are calling those tight with the little shove from Milano getting the call too.

Johnson was pulling up, that’s was a DOG ***** call.

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1 minute ago, TheWeatherMan said:

And Davis dropping a TD but still some head scraping call by both the O and D coordinator today.  


You realize the Fins had 138 yards offense against us through 3 quarters right?


I mean at some point lack of talent on the field hurts

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Just now, Sammy Watkins' Rib said:

This team is snake bitten in close games. No reason to think they will change their luck today. Everything the Bills do on offense is like pulling teeth to get it done. And then they are having trouble finishing scoring drives. Could easily be Bills up two scores right now which is there typical path to a win. Gonna have to break that one score game drought today.


Today's problem is the O-line is too gassed & injured to give Allen any chance to look downfield.


He's already thrown the ball 46 times & still not over 300 yards. The only way to slow down the Bills seems to be through injuries.

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Just now, SCBills said:


Yep, McDermott with another 0:13 moment.  The one thing they couldn’t do on 3rd and 22 was allow Tua a bunch of time to throw the ball with all of our inexperience on the back end.  McDermott chooses to rush 3… MORON

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Just now, RobbRiddick said:

I'm seeing this similar to the wind game vs NE last season. It's such a crazy situation with injuries and the intense heat. If the Phins hold on and win some people will be saying the division is theirs now, just like they did NE last season. Of course we know how that ended and I think this will end the same way ultimately

I'm wondering the same thing: what happens when you're not playing in the Devil's Anus?

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