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OBJ or Christian McCaffrey


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7 hours ago, SCBills said:

OBJ, and it's not even close.  


Sign a FA WR for a minimal one year cap hit vs Trade for a RB with a huge contract?  


We haven't even figured out how to use James Cook yet.  

SCB, I couldn’t have written better.  OBJ is not ready til Nov/Dec so any contract won’t be that much and our strength is in the passing game.  Cook will develop.  OBJ  is the smart move.  CMC is breaking down just like Henry and all RB everywhere in time.


Its not even a close decision.

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16 hours ago, DrDawkinstein said:


Even if you went with just his base salary, he's at $12M/yr the next 3 years. That is quite expensive for a RB. Would rather give that money to Davis.


None of its guaranteed though - they're all basically option years.  If you wanted you could lower the cap hit in year 1 and add void years or restructure bonuses.  

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On 9/22/2022 at 1:07 PM, TFBillsfan said:

A lot of talk about the Bills potentially adding OBJ later this year. With Carolina signing Blackshear, it got be pondering CMc future in Carolina. What if Carolina continues to tank and a trade could be worked out? Would you trade DS and a future draft pick to make that happen?  One could argue we are good at WR. McCaffrey would look great in the Bills backfield. 
Reality is most likely neither occur. 


CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY ALL THE WAY:wub: I'm going to make anybody who says otherwise be sorry...

23 hours ago, Toyo321 said:

We need another Safety.  Poyer and Hyde are no spring chickens anymore.

Harrison Smith too then...

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OBJ wouldn’t be that expensive as you medically examine him, give him a workout before the deadline, and pay him for the late Ictiber -February.  These guys don’t make that much extra in the playoffs.  The majority of their pay comes during the season.  Once our trainers get ahold of him, they can get him football ready probably in December.


This would be a good push to close the season strong, keep him fresh so a pitch count in December as our schedule is not too bad at that time, and he really cranks up in January.  He shows his abilities post injury to be shipped for next year, and we’d have Diggs, Davis, OBJ alternating with McKenzie and Ceowder.  Allen will be like a kid in a candy store.


Thats the play guys.  Why buy an expensive contract to a RB when we are not a run heavy team.  We’ll invest more time in developing Cook and relying on Motor.


Just my two cents.  Way too risky on CMC.  Too expensive, too broken down, and doesn’t even fit into our overall offensive game plan.

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On 9/22/2022 at 1:42 PM, aristocrat said:

I'd take OBJ as depth for sure. Kumerow looked good but having OBJ in case someone else goes down is a nice insurance policy

At first I wanted nothing to do with OBJ. With Davis out one game, it exposed how limited our WR depth is.  McKenzie is good, Kumerow showed last game but ain’t the answer and Shakir did surprisingly little.

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On 9/22/2022 at 1:13 PM, Nextmanup said:

A lot of fans here hate OBJ.  I agree he's not a super likable guy.


I would add him to this team for a fair price in the blink of an eye! 



It's funny he only isn't likeable by people that don't know him. Everyone that actually knows the guy seems to love him.

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