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Big brawl at Pats/Panthers joint practice

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21 minutes ago, BigAl2526 said:

Hmmm.  If you see him, what do you think the odds are of him saying some version of, "It's the fault of the Panthers.  Thy must have started it."


No DOUBT.  I already brought up w/ him that Gilmore & Edelman got into it a few years ago, and he put it all on Gilmore who was "just in from the Bills and obviously bringing his lack of discipline over."


They're a fun bunch, those Pats fans.


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1 hour ago, NoHuddleKelly12 said:

Hmmm...coincidence? McCorkle twisting ankles was also against the Panthers!







I agree, looks like Mac Jones deliberately twisted the guy's ankle.   Wonder if he will hear from the League about this?  I expect two supplemental draft picks to the Patriots as a result.

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Listen to the little Patriots fan in training who probably looks like a twinkie telling the patriots to " beat em up" Dad passing tons of Class to his son for sure. Then they wonder why people hate them.

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5 hours ago, Ralonzo said:


you know he wanted to. Good on McD for having his team hold their poise.


I remember that! Here is the full video of the interaction:





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14 hours ago, buffalostu2 said:

I know Mac Jones isn't going to do anything, nor do they want him to, but walking the other way to get water with no concern for your teammates?   At least Hoyer kept an eye on things.  

Mac should have approached their right taackle or even their middle lb and kicked his ass, or at least given him a vicious verbal warning.

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1 hour ago, Ralonzo said:






Carolina Panthers star running back Christian McCaffrey was involved in a scuffle Wednesday during a joint practice with the New England Patriots that left a fan injured.


McCaffrey, who was out of bounds, was knocked to the ground by Patriots defensive lineman Deatrich Wise Jr., who landed on the fan during the ensuing scrum. McCaffrey responded by spiking the ball at Wise's feet, sparking the fight that carried over into the stands.



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