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Fans throw things at Diggs and Allen

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The Josh allen one.......what the hell is the guy who did it thinking, its still in the box lol 


The diggs ones he is signing some and not others so I'm guessing he is signing kids things ignoring others. Ive seen players do that before and bills employees will return things to the kids 

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Ridiculous behavior on display by nearly everyone around that tunnel. 

I never understood the infatuation with an autograph. It’s just a signature. I would much rather get a picture with a player or have a conversation with them to get insight

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8 minutes ago, RobbRiddick said:

I remember acting like this when I saw Tom Jones in Vegas. He was livid when I threw my undies at him.

Now that was funny, and sorry that half this board doesn’t even know what you’re talking about.  He was before my time, but those women who used to throw their underwear at him was crazy.  I think it was similar for Elvis in his Vegas days before he inhaled a gallon of cocaine and barbituates.



“Its not unusual” for some drunk Bills fans to act like idiots.

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