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Von Miller vs Khalil Mack

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After the initial shock of Von Miller going to Buffalo, I have had time to reflect. Why didn't we try harder for Mack? I was sad to see Mack go to LA for only a 2nd and 6th, and thought we should have taken a shot at that. But I turned the page because we didn't have the money. But turns out we did have the money. Now Mack's cap hit for the Chargers in 2022 will be about the same as Millers which is around 17.5M.


With that in mind I am curious about the thinking here. If our team was willing to pay that money for a big time play maker at DE why didn't we go for Mack? According to draftsharks.com (which is the first source I found to check injuries and possibility to have injury in 2022, may not be the best) Mack has a lesser chance of missing games in 2022 than Miller by about half. I would also say that most agree, Mack would be the better player of the 2. So did we just miss the opportunity?


I want to try and make sense of this and not end on a perception of missed opportunity for a guy that this fanbase is very high on and has for years hoped we would gain. Lets say Beane was involved to some degree. Beane must put very high value on his draft picks. Potentially, Beane was already willing to part with that kind of money but figured he could add Jones or Miller for the same price and not have to part with his 2nd and 6th round pick.


So the takeaway would be that Beane believes that Mack for 17M+ a 2nd and a 6th is not worth as much as Von Miller at a similar price. I think I might be able to get behind that but curious of others thoughts. Do you agree that Miller is worth more than Mack + the 2 picks?

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1 minute ago, Nester said:

Miller is a leader and knows how to win a Super Bowl. 

I agree.  I think this was the deciding factor for Beane.  Miller is a difference maker.  He makes better players of those around him.  

I also think that because of the depth in this year's draft, as well as when you sign players like Miller and Josh and likely Diggs to huge contracts, you need to balance your roster with solid draft picks that won't cost a lot for 4 to 5 years.

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Just now, nedboy7 said:

I think this deserves a poll.  Who is to blame the MOST.  ***** McBeane of course. 


I would have added a poll, but not sure how.


Not to blame but which you would say is higher value:


Von Miller + 2nd and 6th round pick

Khalil Mack

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I'm a perpetual Mack fan.  Whaley's biggest mistake ever as a GM, I was disappointed to see Beane let him go to the Chargers.  I thought it would have been the perfect time to fix the mistake.  But Von Miller is arguably equal to Mack, so we'll see what happens.

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I see it this way. Mack hasn’t been a big factor in a couple years. Mack has not made anywhere near the impact plays Miller has. Same thing edmunds gets some hate for. We want impact game changing plays. And I’m not even a Von Miller fan but it’s easy to browse his resume and find huge impact plays almost every year 

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11 minutes ago, HereComesTheReignAgain said:

A second round pick is extremely valuable.  


Lots of second-rounders don't become good starters.  

Then  again, those who do are tremendously valuable for a few years because they're playing on a rookie contract.  


In order to pay Josh big money (and Von and others), we need contributions from our own draft picks - guys on affordable rookie contracts.  

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