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Did McDermott's seat just get a little warmer?


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I think he arrived in Buffalo as a very good football coach who has continued to get better in his time here.

But Beane just handed him a roster that he HAS to win a Super Bowl with at some point.

Did that hypothetical point just get a bit closer to the present?

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Just now, buffaloboyinATL said:

No, because soon his seat will be on his player’s shoulders.


I think it will too, but if things get Billsy again in another playoff game that ends our season.....?

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It did from the 13 second debacle, his latest playoff flop.


He did an amazing job building culture and grinding wins defense first pounding the rock. 


But this is a different team,  a high scoring highly talented roster.  He may not be the coach for it. He a tractor trailer driver trying to drive an F1 race car.  This year is huge.


Make or break. Can't sacrifice team success because we used to suck.

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The goal is a championship.


He has the best QB in the league and more troops are dropping in from the sky as we speak, thanks to Beane.


I've said previously: If McDermott cannot lead us to the SB this upcoming season, I'm considering a change at HC. 

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That 17 year drought made some fans really impatient. 4 yrs with playoffs under McDermott, one afc championship game, and some fans think this team HAS to win a supowbowl this year. Sadly that's not how it works. There's tons of examples of great coaches/players who should've won superbowls that didn't, or it took them a long time. 

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