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Siran Neal signs 3 year deal


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  • BillsMafi$ changed the title to Siran Neal signs 3 year deal
Just now, ytownblofan said:

Good signing. Tough to find a better gunner out there. I would also be willing to bet his cap hit is nowhere near the 3.6MM. Guessing the 10.9MM maximum value also includes all of the not likely to be earned incentives

Correct. Usually when the maximum value gets reported, it’s the agent getting the news out there ahead of time. Makes them look good. 

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11 minutes ago, MWK said:

Another contract overpaying a special teamer. When will we learn????? Matakevich better be GONE after this ridiculous news


He's not just a special teamer. He played 140 snaps on defense last year.

For comparison, Matakevich played 40. 


They also play completely different positions on ST and Defense...

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Seems like a good deal on many fronts:


1.  Keep a top special teams performer on the team

2. Keep a great athlete and contributor on defense (who may contribute more in the coming years, as the Bills are thin at DB)

3. Keep one of "your own" - which sends a positive message to other free agents

4. Pay what appears to be a reasonable salary, in NFL terms

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