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Setting up nicely for the Bills revenge tour


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As I was looking at playoff matchups, it dawned on me that the Bills can exorcise a lot of demons on their way to the super bowl this year.


Round 1: Patriots and BB - 20 years of being the afterthought, so many years of domination, can be put to bed with a win against NE.


Round 2: KC Chiefs - last year was the most fun I have had as a Bills fan since I was a kid.  It ended being unceremoniously dumped in the AFCCG.  Yeah they won early this year but that was about as useful as when the Bills would beat the team they lost to in the SB the following year.


Round 3: Titans - the last 2 years the Titans have had the Bills number.  They were so close earlier this year and they will have a chance to finish the job again in Nashville.


Super Bowl:


Bucs - Brady


Cowboys - back to back super bowl losses


Gonna be a fun ride to our first super bowl!!!

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24 minutes ago, Billsfan1972 said:

One game at a time.....  Just get through BB & NE.....  The idea having to listen to an offseason after losing to the Pats is too much to fathom..... 


I agree but I choose to be optimistic.  The idea of finishing off the pats season and have a true changing of the guard in the division is such a sweet thing to think about.


22 minutes ago, Fixxxer said:

let's beat the cheaters first. 


18 minutes ago, Taro Nimbus said:

One game at at time!



I don't play or have any affiliation to the Bills other than spending way to much money and being way too emotionally invested in them.  I don't have to take it 1 game at a time lol.  

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I find the “one game at a time, focus on the opponent this week” talk kind of funny. It makes sense for the coaches to preach that to the players, but whether we talk about possible AFCG or SB matchups has zero relevance to how the Bills will play. Not trying to be rude or anything, I just don’t get it. 

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