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Ed Oliver has been a beast the last few games...


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10 minutes ago, No Place To Hyde said:

He's made picking up his option a no brainer for sure.


Funny that now that he's seeing the majority of snaps and not purely rotating he's popping off. 

This.  As a pass rusher and defender you need to get into a groove.  Set up the defender.  Coming off every other play makes that hard. 

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1 hour ago, Coach Tuesday said:

He has been wrecking offenses by himself.  The Colts used his aggressiveness against him so he’ll have to figure that out but he’s been a revelation the last month or so. 


What he's been doing is exactly what I've been hoping for having watched him down at U of H when I lived in Texas. 

I was so pumped when I moved back to Buffalo and we took him that same year.


Oliver had a learning curve based on competition, but seems to be finding his own now. He can play any spot on the d-line, and to me, he can be a massive disruptor that opposing offenses must gameplan for.

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1 hour ago, CSBill said:

He did, and I would suggest having the big guys in the middle, Bryant and Ankou occupying people, helps him. I hope they keep them around even after Star returns. Beef in the middle helps a lot.

The fact we can just throw two guys like Bryant and Ankou out there in the middle of the season, is why run stuffing DT’s typically don’t get drafted until the middle rounds… but I absolutely agree, even with Star back, keep one or both of them.  Cut useless Butler, if needed, whatever… 


A). If Tre is done, we need to make sure we can stop the run without bringing safeties up.  

B). It’s obvious that Oliver needs to be a playmaker who’s not being asked to hold double teams.   Whether it’s Star, Bryant, Ankou etc., make sure he has someone like that next to him.  

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5 hours ago, Hebert19 said:

Man does he look explosive out there.  He is constantly blowing up running plays and is impacting the passing game.  


Amazing what can happen when he is not playing out of position like he was last year and is allowed to penetrate and disrupt next to Star/Phillips

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