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  1. So I remember during one of the superbowls a video snippet of practice was used during a TV interview and then Dallas used that to read the play. now this week there’s a video showing Josh practicing a speed option play but we have not use this year. Does anybody in the organization look at things like this try and prevent it from coming out?
  2. I was surprised the “no punting” game between the Bills and SF not on the list. Two really good early 90’s teams, Kelly and Steve Young at top of their game...
  3. Is the back up qb Dawson Knox? Micah Hyde?
  4. It seemed that either the game plan was to test them deep, which was not a great idea, or he simply felt he had to throw it to someone on what he thought were 50/50 balls to make something happen because the receivers were not getting open against a tough pass D. That being said if he simply threw it out of bounds on two of those three interceptions in the first half we probably win. Brady threw the ball into the dirt early and often yesterday. if we did the same the outcome likely would’ve been different.
  5. I wonder why he has slipped down the depth chart?
  6. If we win two away games to start the season against two beatable teams it will be very exciting. A real opportunity with minimal travel-lag.
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