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Josh Allen throwing out 1st pitch at 6/17 Blue Jays-Yankees game

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Just now, EmotionallyUnstable said:

Not what? It’s an observation. I make no judgements, implications or suggestions. Just a noticing.

You pointed out something that is suggestive, to most people.  That's all.


I could go into detail about what I mean but would prefer we keep it on the tracks so this train can get home.

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2 hours ago, Tom Donahoe, GM said:

In the dirt but had some heat. If he took a little off it he might have thrown a major league pitch


So Josh would be a reliever in baseball because it's the only way he knows. Heat.

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That was a nice toss. Relaxed delivery with zip, deGrom style. Plus his height would throw some hitters off, Josh could probably shorten the distance to the plate more than your average pitcher. I can see him as a pitcher.

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Josh Allen graced the field.......in the obligatory Blue Jays jersey but in front of a house full of Bills fans who are Yankees fans.......... and the Yanks played maybe their best game of the season in sweeping the Jays.


Another Yankee MLB record.........1st major league team to turn 2 triple plays in a season.


Judge robbed a HR.........Gio with a great play at 3B........Torres nice work at SS..........great defensive game.


Would have liked to see Allen take batting practice.

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Was fun to see the posts on this one. Looked like Josh had fun too. He One hopped it. Like so many - throwing from a mound: that step downhill throws off your normal throw and causes the release angle to be down into the dirt. I was hoping Josh, having been a pitcher (way back when), would have overcome that. But throwing on a flat football field and working the last 3 years on his mechanics. I am sure his muscle memory of baseball pitching is gone.

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