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Bills sign P Matt Haack


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24 minutes ago, TheyCallMeAndy said:

Runs a 4.57 

Same birthday as me

Last name is pronounced Hawk


Im game

His 40 time is an underrated commodity on special teams...I like how we’re thinking outside the box...😉

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11 minutes ago, junior12thman92 said:

From some Fins fans on Reddit:




Haack repeatedly ***** us especially in that week 17 game while we were also repeatedly ***** by the bills punter


Yeah that's why we hung 50 on them.  🙄

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Meh, for the one or two times a year that the booming punt is a huge advantage vs the much more likely scenario of wanting to pin a team, this seems fair.  Punting average doesn’t mean ***** honestly, either you can play in the NFL or not, best punt to best punt might be 5 yards different, but positioning it is everything, Bojo was coming along in that, but if it’s a big money thing, I get it.

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Yikes on bikes, I got this guy mixed up with Matt Darr, who punted here for a hot minute in like 2018, I think. He was the drizzlin' poops! I was wigged out for a minute. Bojo had a good season but maybe he's missing something they're looking for, ya knows?


That said, consistency (aside from last season) seemed to be Bojo's biggest issue. One kick would be a moon rocket and the next he'd shank 19 yards into the bench and bean the waterboy or something. Either way I don't think the drop off will be significant. This Haackaloogie kid could be better, who knows? Not like they're gonna punt it this season anyway, eyy! 

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38 minutes ago, Virgil said:

I mean, Bojo is the most under utilized player on our team. However, if he signs for less than 2 per, I don’t get it 


Shouldn't it be the other way "If he signs for over $2 mil you don't get it"??


The Bills could have had him for $2 mil tender.


But if he signs with another team for $1.5 mil, could just as easily mean the Bills were only will to pay $1.25 mil or something??


Since no team has announced they've come to terms, could easily be camp punter and he still signs with Buffalo

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20 minutes ago, Trogdor said:

Awful placeholder. I swear if you look at the missed attempts he has the laces wrong a majority of the time. Much improved punting though. 

Got better at placeholding.


Much improved punter.  Started to get great placement.  Did hit a few off the side of his foot.   Still hate to see him go. 


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7 minutes ago, whatdrought said:

Didn’t seem to do him much good against McKenzie...


He didn't seem too enthusiastic about trying for a piece of Lil' Dirty on a full head of steam.   😅



14 minutes ago, JimS said:

I hope this is legible.

Last Year:




Pro tip to readers: "click to embiggen" if it's not?


So what do you make of this?

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