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Super Bowl Game Thread: Kansas City at Tampa Bay 6:30 Eastern on CBS

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Just now, TheFunPolice said:

I'm starting to wonder if Allen really does have a shot at being better than Mahomes in the end.

Depends on the team around them. I think if Allen had Mahomes weapons ro start, the conversation would be flipped.

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Just now, Buffalo Barbarian said:




Well I am sorry to disappoint you but we are not. We have reasonable speed at linebacker. That is only unit on the team I would say is faster than the average for that unit in the NFL. 

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What is this thing where Tom Brady stands right up next to the Center's butt, takes the ball, and hands it to someone behind him? There is no throwing of the football at all. They are calling it a "running game." Maybe we should investigate implementing this innovation in Buffalo next year.

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1 minute ago, Beast said:

Like Seattle?

Seattle had one of the worst offensive lines in the league. The defense handled them for most of the game....I’m talking about teams like the Rams, Titans, Chiefs twice, Colts. They all had their way.

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1 minute ago, Generic_Bills_Fan said:

I'm gonna get in trouble for this probably but josh allen looks better to me when everything is breaking down...maybe its because he had his whole first year playing on a team with zero talent to practice 🤣

His whole college and pro career he has been asked to win games single-handedly, until this year, most games.

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