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  1. He actually looked better than Knox in training camp in 2019 before all the issues. I hope he comes back strong. We could use some TE help. I actually have some hope for Hollister too. We aren't getting Pitts and I'm not sure how much Friermouth is better than the three we have to give up a premium draft pick. Would rather get more help at DE/DT/CB/RB/OLB before TE unless he is a game changer.
  2. Underrated but still the #1 draft pick. He just didn't live up to it early in his career so he got the mediocre badge. If it wasn't for draft position, he would have been known as a solid top tier QB. A total class act and he proved everything to himself by coming back after that horrific injury. I always liked the guy.
  3. If we are talking about the whole team, then I'd put in a nod for Wade Phillips as DC. He would have this defense rocking a notch above Frazier. I agree on the list of players. There's a good bunch that could help. Spikes (LB) Mario Williams or Schoebel (DE) Fat Pat, Ted Washington, Sam Adams or Kyle Williams (DT) and Winfield (CB) would be my tops on D. On offense Freddie would definitely set the tone for the RB room and make Devin and Moss better. I'd take McCoy in his prime too. And as an added bonus I'd love to have Jason Peters back in his prime at LT and Dawkins at RT and replace Ford with Richie Icognito (pre-mental Pro Bowl Richie) There's our Super Bowl Champs. I hope this crew can do it in 2021.
  4. My interest lies in seeing what magic Bean will weave to get his 2-3 top guys and sleepers. Last year I was saying Gabe Davis "meh? We'll see," but damn if that guy doesn't have 1-2nd rd talent. Dane Jackson, "diamond in the rough". I'm sure I'll have some type of device turned on, even if in the background waiting to hear the words "Buffalo Bills select"
  5. Someone not on the list or a trade up in rd 1-2. Under Beane we definitely have drafted better and I think they find someone under the radar in round 3 that has some upside but wasn't graded because of injury or other factors. Interesting that no one drafted by Buffalo before 2017 is on the roster and very few are even in the NFL
  6. At the end of day 2, two of these players will be wearing Bills blue. The million dollar question is which 2?
  7. I'm all in for this Effen Obadass! Love his story, drive, character and athletic ability. He will fit right in to this system.
  8. With recent signings, I'm all for BPA but I think they have to be looking to upgrade TE/RB early, unless they address this with another signing before the draft. Either way, I completely trust this FO for the first time since the Levy era.
  9. I do like Shelvin. He's a monster and can clog the middle and eventually take over for Star.
  10. As long as Baby Gronk doesn't become Gronk 2.0 and we trade down to the 40's and some team takes him one pick before us and we land the next Torell Troupe. If we go offense in the first, I'm hoping Friermouth or Etienne. Personally I'd rather have Etienne and then take a shot at Trembly in the 2nd or 3rd as well as an EDGE. That should be RD's 1-3 RB/TE/EDGE in whatever order is BPA on our board.
  11. We don't know if that is the intent. What if Josh wants too much? What if they can't come to a long-term solution with JA.? You never know so Trubisky is a nice plan B. They may want to see what he's got and see if he can develop into a viable solution at a better cost so they can build competitively around him. Beane is smart enough to always have a Plan B, plus Trubisky is a great backup for a SB run. He may love the team and want to stay if the price is right. I think they are looking at Fromm as the backup in 2022 either way
  12. He's going Top 15. I'd love him but I don't think Beane will move up that far when we already don't have a 4th. It would probably take a 3rd and a day 2 pick in 2022 which may be too much. I can see a guy like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at 30 if we stay and draft D. He's quick, physical and will be converted to a hybrid S/LB when we play 5 DB's (4-2-5) He can cover TE's, which we will need, especially against NE. He's little smaller than we'd like on D, but I think he could be affective and eventually take over for Hyde or Poyer in a few years.
  13. I'm in this boat, although I think a slight bit more. 55-60 REC 750-800 YDS 6-8 TD.
  14. One more. And they need to get it right. My guess would be someone who can lock down a TE and get to the QB on occasion. Could be one of those hybrid S/LB's like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah or they go with a bigger guy like Zaven Collins if he drops. I think Beane and McD identified their guys on the board and have a few difference makers pencilled in on D. If they are available the Bills will strike or make a sensible move to go up and get "their" guy. I believe the same goes for offense for RB/TE's. Rd's 1-3 on the big board are going to be looking at BPA for these positions and if they feel Pat Freiermuth (Rd1/2) Brevin Jordan (2/3)or Tommy Tremble (3/4) are within reach they take a shot. For RB's If they feel Travis Etienne, Najee Harris or Javonte Williams can take the offense to the next level, then they pull the trigger. If it's not worth the move, then they take a flier in Rd's 5-7 on someone who can develop or may be a sleeper who contributes. I also think the Bills look at all three of these positions in FA and make a sensible deal to get someone. Ingram, Carson, Smith, Dunlap, Duke Johnson, James White, Short, Houston, Tre Burton, Olivier Vernon, Arnold, Kerry Hyder could all be in the mix at the right price and would all add value and depth to the roster.
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