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He's back. WR Jake Kumerow signing to practice squad.


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1 minute ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

one day we can all hope and dream for a game when Kumerow, Duke, and Antonio Williams will all be active and on the field at the same time. 


Someone get Da'Rick agent on the phone,stat!

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34 minutes ago, DJB said:


I heard it was Josh Allen. 


He's not on the practice squad.


15 minutes ago, Call_Of_Ktulu said:

He’s almost like having another athletic TE, I would probably try and transition him to that position. 


Didn't we have this discussion a while ago?  He's a tall, strong WR who can block well.   He's listed at 209 lbs and 6'4"


That doesn't qualify him as a TE.  He'd have to gain about 30 lbs.

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