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  1. And that's why Crossman is no longer with the Bills. Everything he touches turns to 💩
  2. I was really surprised how much it seemed that the defense missed Milano. I am starting to see how important he is in our scheme and our defenses play making ability against the pass. Fitzpatrick was carving up that side of the field when Mo Alexander was covering someone.
  3. No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.
  4. The refs kept holding us up. Made the no huddle ineffective because they were allowing the Pats to line up before we could snap the ball.
  5. I'm fine with this as long as he's suspended before the Bills play them .😎
  6. I say we sign Ryan Allen. The punter that the Pats cut.
  7. I agree with signing him. He's more stable than what we have right now.
  8. Last thing I heard was that he's working with the trainers on the sideline. Hopefully he'll get back to full health soon.
  9. Brruuuuccee Smith and Jim Kelly are the only two I have.
  10. I would buy one of those if I could find one.👍
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