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  1. He's getting better each game. That's what I was hoping for and that's what he's delivering. Lets see what he does this week against the Jets. They're looking for revenge so it should be a good game. All I want to see this year is Josh play and get better every week. If he does that, I think we may have a franchise QB.
  2. I hope Allen does play well and is a star for years to come. Buffalo fans deserve a little good fortune. Go Bills.
  3. BillsFanMike

    Terrelle Pryor - cut

    If they cut Benjamin we won't have a chance at a compensatory pick when another team signs him in the off season.
  4. BillsFanMike

    looks like torn achilles for Dez

    Well he got his last payday for a while.
  5. BillsFanMike

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    He always looks like he's high or getting ready to cry. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I agree with you though๐Ÿ˜ฉ
  6. BillsFanMike

    Who has most receiving yards versus Minn?

    I say it's going to be our TE Jason Croom's breakout game. I'm guessing 120 receiving yards and 1 touchdown optimistically. Go Bills.