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  1. This "community" is starting to get a bad look; like as if all you homers think you're Uber-special (btw, Your Uber blows at Orchard Park) by locking ppl out of your precious conversations. Eat a bowl Oh, and GO BILLS! See you neck-beard jerks week 4 and I really hope we win this one. Love Buffalo, Love the Bills, Don't love this "community".
  2. That is where our Countries differ. In CAD, you could smash your face to bits from a slip and fall in a grocery on a banana peel left by an employee and the most you would see is a few 100k; let alone signing a waiver beforehand.
  3. like I said, no future players can use the old helmets; just the guys 9+ years in.
  4. I find it hilariously ironic that, as a Canadian (Montreal), I gotta be the one to school y'all Yankees on the concept of free choice. I think it is ridiculous that AB can't just sign a waiver and wear his helmet. Future players will have to choose from the approved list but guys like AB, TB, AR, etc, should be able to use what they want. On player safety, have you seen Micheal Bennett's shoulder pads? They are for a kicker I think. Even though heads are more fragile than shoulders, I think that guys who have been in the league for more than 3 years before the announcement of the change (five years ago) should be able to wear the equipment that they have worn since they entered the NFL. 9 year dudes should be able to choose for themselves provided they waive responsibility of the league. GO BILLS btw 🤠
  5. I hope that the Taskmaster gener-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-ral gets in before death. He truly was an absolute killer on STs and likely quite experienced with STD's as well (sexually transmitted diseases, if left untreated, can also result in mental illness so maybe STEVE-O's "condition" may not just be related to on-the-field football only). Must say though that I'm getting used to him on MSG/WGR btw; it's kinda fun to watch/hear the way interviewees try to figure out what he is actually asking. GO BILLS! GO TASKMASTER GENERAL STEVE-O!!! Buffalo fans the world over are totally down with your non-psychotic version of CTE my dude. #keepstammeringweloveit:)
  6. As a seasonal visitor and absolute fan of both the Bills and the city, I must say that there is a lot of dead real estate that could be appropriated by the PEOPLE of Buffalo in/near the downtown core. The Bills/Buffalo ppl should do what they did in Detroit with Ford Field and Comerica Park: buy up a bunch of centralized junk property near downtown, blow it up, and slam a billion-dollar business in its place. Yes the traffic will be Hell, yes there will be mega-messes to clean up but those are dope-ass jobs to be had and the money will roll in to a point where the city will start to develop from the inside out. This will result in major investment in the core of the city, possibly even a tram/subway down the road. In my town, Montreal, the Canadiens went the downtown-route when relocating way back. Citizens paid a butt-load for It and it took some time but has totally rejuvenated downtown Mtl. The Sabres are not the Habs in terms of prestige, but the Bills are an NFL team that generates way more dough than even the Habs and so cannot leave your great city under any circumstance. I'm a teacher as well as a 20+ yr Bills fan; just the chance that the team may relocate to the city makes me wanna try for a green card and buy one of those run-down-beauties near La Nova, fix'er up nice and join the Bills' community for real. GO BILLS! BEST GRUB IN THE U.S.A!!!
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