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  1. No. Buffalo has a killer ring of honour because of him; the deadliest in the NFL.
  2. Gotta love this defence of Josh Allen by, of all people, Mel Kiper. I hope his praise doesn't jinx us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXh0Wh67OeY at 33:31 copy paste in youtube if link fails
  3. Most every Quebecois curse is anti-Catholic-related. I teach English in a French school in Mtl. Technically, my students can curse in English, but if they use that curse they are in major trouble lol. I just created a lesson on QB Josh Allen. The kids went nuts when they saw Allen hurdle Barr...then laughed when I showed TB12 trying to escape the pocket! GO BILLS
  4. Has Bill B ever even used a #1 for a WR? I don't think so and that is what bothers me. Not to mention that he is best WR in the draft IMO.
  5. I did not want us to get back into the 1st for him...as long as the Pats didn't take him. Bill B has never taken a WR in the 1st I think so...ugh
  6. This was the guy I hoped we would trade up for mid 2nd round or take next. Directly translated, "calise de tabarnak" is " Chalice of the Church"...French Canadian for "godamnit" but way worse. I'm a Herm fan so I watched a bunch of Sun Devil games this season. He makes the college level look easy. Bloody Pats again.
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