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  1. Threedollabills

    Caption This: Josh Allen

    The Allentown Dive
  2. Threedollabills

    Are Mcdermott and Beane the worst group to run the bills since pollian ?

    You mean to "sure" up the roster right?
  3. "To the moon Alice...to the moon!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD4EvncWnyU&frags=pl%2Cwn
  4. Threedollabills

    We are getting killed on espn

    I love my Bills and I am laughing...at the Ravens right now. Blow-outs happen. Let's focus on Allen playing conservative football and showing a little grit win or lose. Josh Allen is not and could never be Rob Johnson or Losman or Edwards or any of the previous "franchise" guys. He crushes them all in every category and will make an impact...GO BILLS!!!
  5. Threedollabills

    Trade for RG3

    No trade him for McCoy's house in Georgia. Derek Anderson? More CAR castaways?
  6. Great article! Really enjoyed it. Thanks
  7. Threedollabills

    Taskmaster on OBL: "Payton Manning couldn't throw a...

    Quiet you...Taskmaster is fair game here. Don't be a weiner bruh.
  8. ping-pong ball across the room [in his final year]". I ripped on the ol' Taskmaster General early on but the dude is growing on me. GO BILLS
  9. Threedollabills

    Bills First Uniform: Honolulu Blue, Silver, White

    The diagram looks just like the Lions but the team-photo colours are dope! Would love to see these jerseys even with the numbers on the helmets. Big ups on the post! Merci No way! Haha that's rad
  10. Threedollabills

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    The Alouettes' stadium (which actually belongs to McGill University) is 2 blocks from my apt. I could hear the "ahhh Nooo" from the fans for all 4 INTs on Friday lol. He will get better though. its not easy to throw a striped beach ball on a 5 acre field with a 20yrd end zone. Merci mon ami!!
  11. Threedollabills

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    Hey thanks much appreciated! Went to Anchor Bar last year so Gabriel's gate it is. Cheers
  12. Threedollabills

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    Hey chicdorito or whatever the kid likes Cam so give him a break. I grew up not far from Buffalo and have been a Bills fan for 28 yrs so eat that pink C
  13. Threedollabills

    Montreal to Buffalo August 9...Show Some Love Mafia!

    Yes I know that it's chill preseason. School and work make the regular season trip impossible. I made the post to see if some folks on here were going to the game and would drink a few beers with some Canucks in the lot. Not yet table time probably but I'm gonna tell my buddy's kid (the panther fan) to watch out for random body slams and to avoid being near tables at all times.
  14. Making the trip down for preseason week one with my homie and his boy all the way from Montreal! We are staying in Allentown from wed to Fri and hoping for some of that Bills Mafia hospitality you folks are known for. Looking for info on where to be on game day in Orchard park as well as cool spots in Buffalo to hang beforehand. I know that the best football city in America won't let us down even if the boy is a Panthers fan. LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!
  15. Threedollabills

    Bills injury updates - Training Camp/Preseason

    Sorry, guess I went too far with the Jesus quote...