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  1. Threedollabills

    WR Duke Williams of CFL’s Eskimos Signs with Bills

    He's got swag too and Lord knows we need a couple of those as well! Being the best in the CFL will work towards the process for sure.
  2. Threedollabills

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    McDermottology will "skin" offences alive in 2019; making them cold and sore. GO BILLS!!
  3. Threedollabills

    McDermatology Will Be a Menacing "Sore" for Future NFL Offences

    The coach looks like a psycho and he gets cold-sores...what is not to get McDermott looks like a psycho and gets cold sores...those literary devices just float right past you folks huh?
  4. Listen, there are a lot of things that I don't like about McDermatology. The guy named Bill gives non-answers and still at least barely appears to be human; even at times, in a super-human and quasi-lovable way. Ask the guy named Bill a "football" question and you get bucket-loads of content. However, when asked a similar "football" question (credit for once to the BILLS [not the guy named Bill] press core for asking "football" related questions in the hopes of actually attaining some sort of substantive response) McDermott applies "McDermotology" which somehow kind of exactly reminds me of Dexter. That being said, don't be fooled by the crazy offences these days, defence is and always will be where it's at. The new rules are like a shot of dope; totally rad at first, but eventually your defences figure out the game and start rejecting. Either the game goes more D than ever or BILLS become a crappy offence in an arena football league. I believe that McDermatology's crazy-eyed ass gets this. Don't be surprised about going heavy D again in 2019. Now slash me to death with your digital paper-knives!
  5. Threedollabills

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    You're using the plural form. Did that happen more than once? Thank you for confirming the "Mets fans are racist" stereotype Exactly. His experience has humbled him it seems; much like Kelvin's this year should do the same for next year. They will both have price tags next year below their talent level and should both be hungry as Terrell already is.
  6. Threedollabills

    Silver Lining: Pryor is a Bill

    Just watched his locker room presser and I love the move to get Pryor. I know he gave up a big play but to be in a system for 3 days and get opportunities was impressive and his attitude is dope AF. I remember hearing about him being over-cocky or whatever but I don't see that with the Bills. I bet he provides some juice for the receiving corps moving forward. Thoughts?
  7. Threedollabills

    Where are all the darnold rosen and Mayfield fans?

    Hebert Dixneuf (19), you are very ill-informed if you think Baker is not a winner. He makes throws already and will get better. As long as Allen heals up ok he will get better too as so will Darnold. Rosen however, looks like he wants to quit already. I for one am glad we took the higher ceiling of the 2 as Allen looks like he is committed to football and Rosen does not.
  8. Threedollabills

    Report: Bills have discussed trading KB

    Not worth trading. Let his contract expire, give it a few days, sign him cheap, and let him compete for a spot during camp.
  9. Threedollabills

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    They should've hired Herm Edwards. At least the pressers would be watchable lol
  10. Threedollabills

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    Assuming that Josh will not play next week, Anderson/Peterman is starting to look and feel like Orton/Manuel...but worse.
  11. McBeane makes Bills in its own image. Let there be (Belichick-style) light!! Do they make deals across the league for picks? Hughes, McCoy, Lawson (although I think they will keep him and credit to Shaq for learning the inside game) seem to be fair game if we get a repeat from last year. Are all non-drafted-by-McBeane guys on the market?