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  1. It's only a matter of time until we see the t-shirt available. 😂
  2. We're making him and his penis nose relevant...let's stop doing that.
  3. This is like saying "culture" doesn't mean anything and "momentum" is fake. Do you work at WGR?
  4. Yup, I've heard (or seen) this Nick Wright name being floated around on twitter too...can't figure out why people keep giving them so much attention. Lol.
  5. I don't follow him or ESPN, so I wouldn't really know. But from everything I have read that he says, then I see this? It sure seems like it's like that.
  6. No chance you're getting Felciano for less than like $7-8M a year. Really hoping the cap goes up a little bit, otherwise we might be able to keep only one of these guys.
  7. He's probably going to want that raise this offseason, after putting up a career season and helping Josh Allen get there too.
  8. This guy is the biggest clown in the world...it's almost as if he's doing this to troll us.
  9. With how AJ Klein has looked, I think the Bills could draft a linebacker in the top-3 rounds and turn him into Matt Milano. Protecting Josh Allen is the biggest priority of this team...they need to keep Williams and Feliciano, or find adequate replacements.
  10. Isn't Stefanski a head coach already? Roman? Doubtful since their offense has taken a step back. McDaniels? He's not going anywhere. Brian Daboll is as good as gone...you don't take a raw prospect that nobody saw as franchise QB, turn him into one, and not get picked to be a HC. Teams want young offensive minds and that's Brian Daboll.
  11. Unless I'm guaranteed to witness a Bills victory, I'd rather just sit in the comfort of my own home and watch the game with the people I love. I'd rather be at the parade, than the game.
  12. In order, from easiest to hardest, I'd go... Miami Pittsburgh Indianapolis Cleveland Baltimore Tennessee Kansas City (Just realized that I can finally change my name, since we're winning now! Lol.)
  13. They don't get involved in football or hockey decisions, contrary to popular belief. I don't think the Sabres pay $8M for the best free agent on the market, if the Pegulas are calling the shots. And I don't take Beane and McDermott as the kind of guys who would put up with the Pegulas sticking their nose in the football aspect of things. It's time this idea dies. They are the owners and nothing more. They hire people and let them do their jobs.
  14. I don't buy that...it's his former team (Titans) that gave up on him, I'd bet anything he wanted to play in that game.
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