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  1. I think Bills fans better start respecting the Dolphins. We want respect because of Beane and McDermott...well, I think we should start looking at Grier and Flores in the same light. I'll wait to ultimately see how it all plays out, but they seem to know what they're doing down there.
  2. That's Bob Foster. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/players-roster/robert-foster/ I promise, my lineup is correct...except for the two I wasn't sure of, Becker and Webb.
  3. It would, but I promise you that is him...look at the hair on that guy, then on AB in the picture on the first page. Plus, they all seem happy to be there, but him. Also, I know he is there (in Florida) from the other pictures. I haven't seen a picture of McKenzie yet.
  4. Definitely Antonio Brown...I'd bet my bank account on it. McKenzie might be there, but he's not pictured.
  5. Yes, that's him between Diggs/Singletary and John Brown...he's looking away from the camera.
  6. Ah, Davis Webb. Looks nothing like I thought. Lol. Thank you.
  7. Who is to the left of Allen and between Barkley and Beasley? I assume one must be Becker, but who is the other guy? You've got Sweeney, Davis, Croom, Dawkins, Singletary, Diggs, Antonio Brown, John Brown, Foster, Roberts, Allen, Hodgins, Easley, Knox, Barkley, Beasley and Fromm. Then the two random white guys. I think the guy next to Allen is Becker...but I have never seen the guy between Barkley and Beasley. Any guesses?
  8. Must have been really bad for this to come from it.
  9. I promise there are 1st round players outside the top-10 that would be starters on this team. I'm not advocating trading the farm to get into the first round, but acting like this roster is completely set is just wrong. Hell, if our 2nd round pick doesn't have a large impact on this team this season, that would be a massive disappointment.
  10. Taylor runs a 4.39 forty...whereas Singletary ran a 4.66 forty. If you ask me, Taylor has that homerun ability much more than Singletary does. AJ Dillon is my second choice, because he is a perfect complement to Singletary if you want a RB committee.
  11. Well, I'll take Taylor and expect him to beat out Singletary in training camp. I just don't see it with Singletary. He is small and has no speed. He shouldn't just be handed the job because there is nobody else to challenge him.
  12. Johnathan Taylor has everything a #1 RB should have...speed, vision, agility, he's the best RB in this draft and I'm not sure it's even close. I'm of the belief that Singletary is the complementary RB, and that we still need our #1 workhorse...not the other way around like many others see it.
  13. Let's win the division and then win ONE playoff game...before we even contemplate whether we are Super Bowl contenders or not. No, they definitely did not...that would be Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.
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