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  1. We've heard this before...I'll believe it when I see it.
  2. Mike Evans. (3rd in yards) Julio Jones had 153 more yards on 27 more receptions. (1st in yards) DeAndre Hopkins had 48 more yards on 29 more receptions. (2nd in yards) Both had better QBs than Evans...and both had the same QB all year. Evans had more 20+ yard catches (2nd behind Tyreek Hill), his long of 72 yards was longer than both of theirs, and he averaged more YPC than anyone with 45+ catches. I'll take Mike Evans, he's the best WR in the game right now...no WR did more with less at QB. (Jones had 11 TDs, Hopkins and Evans each had 8 TDs.)
  3. Jerry Jeudy, Tee Higgins, Ceedee Lamb or Laviska Shenault...I hope Beane has his trading hat on come the 2020 draft, he has to get one of those WRs. This WR class is being compared to the 2014 class... https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/the-2020-wr-class-could-truly-be-historic We won't get Jeudy...so I'd hope for Higgins or Lamb, which would give us a true #1 WR, allowing our other WRs to be in positions better suited for them. Higgins/Lamb Brown Beasley Foster Jones (And one of Williams/McCloud/McKenzie/Sills/Easley...whomever produces this season.) That would be a hell of a WR corps for 2020.
  4. Going to piss off a lot of Rochester fans, and lose the young fans who become Bills fans because of training camp in Rochester. It's typical Bills that they would screw a large portion of their fans from the Rochester, Finger Lakes and Syracuse region.
  5. I just came across these and figured I would post them here...some are cool, some are downright awful (like the Bills). I like the Broncos second design, the Bucs first design, the Chargers second design, both Lions designs, both Giants designs, the first Panthers design, the first Raiders design, the first first Saints design, the first Steelers design...and the third designs are pretty cool, but I think they're just a little bit too bold. What are your thoughts? https://jetlaggin.com/check-out-the-awesome-redesigned-nfl-helmets-of-all-32-teams?utm_source=Adrizer&utm_campaign=140689&azs=Adrizer&azc=140689&azw&utm_term&utm_content=blog&&utm_layout=scroll&fbclid=IwAR0pRHapCZ3UORbpFZcPOAIpKkTfyZ4syp7DB8WBrT_qfFOLznfgeXP_l80
  6. Most likely based on Super Bowl odds like the rest of the 2020 mock drafts out there.
  7. The next Sean McVay? https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/11/13/indianapolis-colts-coach-frank-reichs-right-hand-man-parks-frazier-assistant-head-coach/1989909002/ I like McDermott...but I really wish we had a young wunderkind offensive coordinator (or HC), not someone who wants to run the ball 50 times a game.
  8. Is this serious? It's Lee Smith and Tyler Kroft. I don't think we have a single TE that can catch a pass. (Maybe Knox can, but he's never been in the end-zone.)
  9. This happens every single year. And what respect do they deserve? They haven't accomplished anything yet. They will get respect and be taken seriously when they start consistently winning. Winning the offseason and the draft means nothing if it doesn't translate to the football field...we've been here so many times before, and it never worked.
  10. The offensive linemen and tight ends we signed and drafted are built for the run-game. We drafted a TE who never caught a TD pass, the other one is known for his blocking...and Kroft is a run-blocking TE, who had 36 yards receiving last year. Plus we signed a former OT who is transitioning to TE. We didn't draft a WR, but we drafted a RB and signed two more. This team is building to run the ball A LOT...not for the pass-game. Any passing attack we have will be bombs or 5-yard dink-and-dunks.
  11. I knew this wasn't going to happen...he used the Bills as leverage as usual, he was never going to come here. That's a shame.
  12. Senorise Perry over TJ Yeldon? Lol, no thanks. Stanford was awful, Joseph can take his spot. Croom is the best receiving TE on this roster, and the only one with real speed...cutting him is an awful idea. EDIT:If Tyree Jackson gets cut, you're not sneaking him onto the practice squad...some team will take that kid and stash him on their roster.
  13. I don't believe Ben Watson is the guy we need...but we definitely need a TE. We don't have one legitimate, proven TE on this roster that ANY defense would be worried about covering. Tyler Kroft, Jake Fisher, Jason Croom, Dawson Knox, and Tommy Sweeney? Nobody besides Bills fans even know who they are. The five of them have a combined 91 receptions for 963 yards.
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