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  1. Well, that is exactly what the article was...the way you explained it is very misleading. If the Bills go 4-12, there is a 73% chance McDermott gets fired...that is what the article said. Marrone was second to McDermott. (Flores was third.) And going 4-12 would be another step in the wrong direction for the Bills...after going 9-7 and then 6-10.
  2. I think people are underestimating Clowney's talent...put him on this defense and he could flourish. People also need to take into account that he's an OLB in Houston, and he would play his natural position of DE in Buffalo. As long as he doesn't cost our 1st round pick, I'd make that trade in a heartbeat...but I want our 1st round pick for a legit #1 WR. This team isn't in a bad cap situation at all, they could trade for Clowney, sign him, and still be able to keep all of their own. Give him the money ($16M) from UFAs like McCoy, Gore, Gaines, Waddle and Bodine, and we're fine. Their replacements are in-house already. Clowney will probably get between Flowers ($18M) and Hunter ($14M). He would help Hughes a lot too, like Mario did...and that Texans DE was certainly worth the money, until Rex ruined him.
  3. I keep seeing people say this, yet Darius Leonard is 6-2, 230 and Vosean Joseph is 6-1, 230 (Combine measurements). Once Joseph gets NFL training, he will get stronger and put on a few pounds. I think he's Lorenzo Alexander's replacement next year, not Milano's backup. I think Milano - Edmunds - Joseph could be one of the best LB trios in the league within a couple years, they have a lot of talent and a ton of athleticism. As for everything else, I agree with Cosell. I still worry about Allen, Ford is legit, Oliver is very small for a DT, Singletary's size and speed worry me, and Jackson should be tried at TE. I like Johnson a lot (especially his size)...he's been behind Hughes, Lawson, Murphy, Yarbrough and Love, but he won't make it to the practice squad. I'd keep Hughes, Lawson, Murphy, Love and Johnson...the two young kids can be just as effective as Yarbrough. I'd like to keep all of our rookies and 2nd year players, because I don't think any of them will go unclaimed in the practice squad process. Draft picks like Vosean Joseph, Darryl Johnson, Jaquan Johnson, Ray-Ray McCloud, Siran Neal, Tommy Sweeney, Wyatt Teller, and UDFA's like Tyree Jackson, Mike Love and Corey Thompson, would all get claimed. I'm not sure where most of them stand with the team, but they all have talent and teams would claim them, especially the draft picks. I'd add Jason Croom and Cam Phillips too, but I see no way that they can make the roster with the talent in front of them. Either way, it's nice that we're finally getting to a point where we can worry about who makes it and who doesn't...it's been a long time coming.
  4. We, as fans, have absolutely no clue what goes on within an organization behind closed doors...and we never will. He earned that money by putting his body on the line for our enjoyment, just like every player does every Sunday. So he demanded to be in a better position to contribute and earn his money...meanwhile coaches, GMs and owners cut guys all the time to save money. This all begs the question, "who the hell are we to judge these guys?" (For anything they do or say, especially after retirement.) "Bad adult." Seriously, worry about yourself. For you to worry about what another man says, or does, makes you an immature/insecure adult. Good on him for making his money...and for having the balls to speak out about how f***ed up the NFL can be, it's nice to see someone do it.
  5. O-line injuries got dudes traded...Johnson is still behind Hughes, Lawson, Murphy, Yarbrough and Love. It definitely shouldn't...not for this guy anyways. This is simply a camp body because of all the injuries on the offensive line since camp opened.
  6. Because they have Andrew Luck, who wasn't playing...they had Phillip Walker playing. Their QB1 was out, their RB1 was out (RB2 barely played), WR1, WR3 and WR4 didn't play (WR2 barely played), TE1 and TE2 didn't play...see where this is going?
  7. Some coach will eventually do it and look like a genius... Surprised Belichick hasn't done it yet. (I feel the same way about long snappers too...find an offensive lineman who can long snap and play on the offensive line.)
  8. What the f**k is this team doing with Robert Foster? I mean, what more can they ask from a kid...he got cut last year, worked on the practice squad, made his way back and balled out. Now they have him as the 6th WR in the rotation? That's insane. Last night he was 6th.
  9. Not a single one of those last three will make it to the practice squad.
  10. I say we go get this kid...he can kick and punt, and he's only 25 years old. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001040434/article/ravens-kicker-kaare-vedvik-ignoring-buzz-of-trade-talk
  11. Just got the game, looking at things now...man, they really screw the Bills. How is Denzel Ward and Marcus Lattimore "superstars," but Tre'Davious White isn't? How is Leighton Vander Esche a "superstar" and Tremaine Edmunds isn't? How are guys like McCoy, Hughes, Poyer, Morse, Hauschka, Milano, and Ford rated so low? It's crazy...and it's impossible to play online with the Bills, you'll just get smoked every time.
  12. Like I said when we signed him, he's the most recent version of Eric Rogers and Duron Carter...two CFL star WR's. Neither lasted very long in the NFL. Eric Rogers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Rogers_(gridiron_football) Duron Carter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duron_Carter If he makes it, it'll be a pleasant surprise...but as far as I'm concerned, he's a camp body and practice squad candidate.
  13. Wouldn't be surprised if someone takes a chance on him and he finds his game elsewhere. It's not like Arizona is a great organization known for developing young players, nor have they had good coaches for him while he was there.
  14. Well, I'm glad we had Chris Berman then. Lol. But we've heard this all before...I'll believe it when I see it now, I've spent too many of the past 20 summers or so getting my hopes up.
  15. I see we've got some classy fellas in here...the kind who insult people, yet hide their own identities. Great way to represent the fanbase, clowns.
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