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1/17/21 Division Round: Browns at Chiefs 3:05 pm on CBS

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1 minute ago, Playoffs? said:

I feel the same.. but then I ask how all these other teams kept the Chiefs within a couple points for the second half of the season?  And I also thought we had no chance of stopping the Ravens running attack. 

But yeah, we will be underdogs and the Chiefs will be the best team we play this year. 

I’m confident that McD and Frazier will come up with a decent game plan. The Chiefs offense is all world, but they have been slowed by opponents in the past, so it’s not impossible. My biggest worry is that we won’t see our best offense. Beasley looks like a shell of himself due to injury, and the offense has yet to click on all cylinders the way they did during the regular season. If the offense puts points on the board, I really like our chances. 

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