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1/16/21 Divisional Round Playoff BILLS GOING TO AFC CHAMPIONSHIP Postgame Thread

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5.22am.... but WORTH IT ! a small hello from France I'm drunk as ***** had to open a second good wine bottle during the 2nd half time preps to defense and OLine !   so fa


Tears?  I had plenty of fears.  Now I'm drinking beers!

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3 hours ago, Nextmanup said:

It's not too early to discuss this game.


Is there any way Cleveland can win?




get the run game going, dominate time of possession 35/40 minutes. 

3 hours ago, BillsfaninSB said:

Anything can happen.  KC hasn’t played in awhile and they were not exactly knocking teams out down the stretch.  

 They struggled against the Falcons at the end of the season

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His head absolutely pops off the ground. Surprised people are even arguing this. Hope Lamar's alright, those quick, unprotected knocks to the noggin are the scary ones. A hero like Josh needs heels like Lamar and Baker, let's hope they all stay healthy.

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Over their last six games (prior to tonight), the Ravens have averaged 262 rushing yards/game and 2.33 rushing TDs/game.


Tonight, the Bills held them to 150 yards rushing and O TDs. Kudos to the defensive coaches and players!!!


I think an under-rated aspect of McDermott and his staff's coaching is how they manipulate the active roster and game plans to the strengths of their players vs. the strengths/weaknesses of their opponents each week. For instance, Trent Murphy has been inactive for many games, but he was up this week. Why? Because his biggest strength as a DE is stopping the run. And Baltimore is a run-first team that has been lighting it up on the ground. That's just one example---but truly, there are no second- and third-stringers, or practice squaders here---there is just one team with many parts and each part has its strengths which will be utilized when appropriate. McDermott and Beane (from a front office perspective) have been masterful at how they have handled the bottom half of the roster all year.


And this isn't to diss anyone, but I have to say that I was surprised earlier this year when so many fans were down on Taron. The kid has done nothing but ball out since he came to Buffalo. He grabbed that slot corner role his rookie year and in three years no one has even come close to challenging him for it. In just his fourth NFL game (as a 4th-round rookie), he had a strip-sack on Aaron Rodgers. And followed that up the next week with an INT. The kid has been a play maker from the start. And what, a bad game or two and people were ready to kick him to the curb? People get so down on players sometimes when we know so little (are they dealing with an injury, what was their responsibility in the scheme, how is the other team game planning against our D, how good is the guy he's guarding, etc., etc.). At points this year people were down on Micah and Tremaine (when they were playing through injury), etc. Taron tonight was a little reminder to maybe not be so rash/harsh with our judgements of players sometimes. 


Ok, sorry, enough of that, this is a happy night where we are all ONE BUFFALO! THE BEST FANS IN THE NFL! HEADED TO THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! With a team that it is a pleasure to root for. Talent with character and a family culture. Enjoy this Bills Mafia. This is the best kind of team that we could have ever hoped for! Humble and Hungry! CHEERS TO YOU ALL---WE DESERVE THIS!  🍻 :beer:



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2 hours ago, Miyagi-Do Karate said:

I am with you. The bills may struggle with a balanced attack of the browns, similar to the colts. 

I think we're underselling how important rivers was in getting his offense into the right looks at the line though.  Not sure baker is exactly known for that 

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4 hours ago, Unforgiven said:

nah, the AFC east ain't like the NFC east. 

Ravens were overhyped by the media.

I dont think they were overhyped i think people in the media that don't really watch bills games saw their rushing totals and assumed we were going to get gashed for touchdowns but our d has been pretty tough in the red zone all season.  This on paper at least seemed like a bad matchup for us.  

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As a 35 year old man, this one hit me in the gullet. Had tickets but couldn’t get up there for the covid test, I had such fomo. I set up my projector in the backyard and made the best of it. My friends and family have all become Bills fans here in NYC. Idk what to say it’s 330 in the morning, I can’t sleep, and I don’t Care, it’s go bills 

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2 hours ago, Warcodered said:



That is crazy, what a night in Buffalo

4 hours ago, uninja said:

Mekari that game was legit too big for him. Not sure what was going on but he was snapping awful balls to Lamar all night. 


I think it was the Bills D-Line getting to him. They were pushing the Ravens back all night, that had to be getting frustrating and worrisome for them. As the Center, calling the blocks, his mind had to be on that causing the snap miscues. And he has a history of such problems.

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4 hours ago, buffalo2218 said:

Look at the replay and see for yourself, I didn't see his head bounce off the turf at all


Clearly you had too much to drink in your celebration tonight, his head bounced like a basketball.

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