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Bills will be working out QB Chad Kelly

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What do you remember about the Colts kid?

I guess his stock is at its peak right now with all the bars being closed.

Chad Kelly is the kind of guy that will be snorting cocaine off a Covid 19 positive, hookers ass and then spread it at 1 Bills Dr.

44 minutes ago, YoloinOhio said:

Beane you tricky tricky 




If so, this is Belichick-level coaching in the playoffs.  I love being on the other side of this.

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This is the Bills doing their homework. They want to see if he knows the calls, checks at the line, defensive audibles etc.


NOT, I repeat, NOT fit consideration to be a a Bill, just no!!

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The last person that I would want anywhere close to my team is someone who you could not trust his "social distancing skills".

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47 minutes ago, BillnutinHouston said:

Suspect this is to get Jim to stop calling.


Then you need to stop spoofing Jim's number and pretending to be him.

47 minutes ago, Blokestradamus said:


I have one more yard in the NFL than Chad Kelly.


I do not think turf you bought from the Ralph counts.

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54 minutes ago, StHustle said:

I love it! He would easily be a top 5 backup.


Yes this does scream of Beane doing ol Jimbo a favor...but nothing wrong with that.


I'm in the minority and feel Chad is a changed man and would be fine on the team...years ago? No....now? Yes.


Chad is WAAAY better than Barkely.

All of his on-field play suggests this is true, yet you get absolutely slammed.

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I disapprove of this action. But I will trust Beane as he has..., well..., been B. Beane, and that has been pretty damn good imo, 👍

Go Bills!!!

Go Bills!!!

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