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  1. Really, so no one I going to correct the OP on spelling definitely wrong?? Dephinatilley not bro!!! This is deafinetly a poor thread thats for sure.
  2. X - Cam Newton Y - Terry Bradshaw That would be some messed up genetic mutant right there!
  3. 1980 versus the Jets at home. It was the earlier game and wasn't terribly cold that day. I only remember that I liked Joe Cribbs after that day and that I went from being a closet Steelers fan due to their dominance in the 70's to becoming a raging Bills fan and never looked back.
  4. I am cautiously optimistic and would say that around 950 all purpose is my guess.
  5. Accounts reset tomorrow, August 8th. Last year it was like the 12th I think, not sure. i think it should be the same for everyone, but hard to say.
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