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  1. But Booger said Ford was being selfish 🙄
  2. The dofu sports app in both the ios and android app store works the best. I don't know how Apple approved it, but it's legitimately there. I usually use my phone to pick the youtube stream as an option, then go to a youtube app on my apple tv and find that stream in my history folder to watch it on the big screen. You can also airplay it or cast it to chromecast.
  3. If you have an iOS device, there's an app in the Apple App store called DofuSports that links to all the games. (I don't know how this hasn't been shut down as it has NBA, NCAA Football, NHL and NFL games - but I have been using it for 3 weeks.)
  4. Why the heck did the Jets get a Monday night game? And the Dolphins next week??
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