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  1. 27 - 13 Bills. Bills D forces two turnovers. Allen throws for over 300 and rushes for one TD, throws for 2 more. Bass gets 2 FGs.
  2. Regarding your comment about the Bills coming out flat, I felt that way going into the Miami game. They were coming off an AFC East Title win, and all the hype surrounding the teams success this year. Safe to say the Off was flat in the 1st qtr but picked it up and the entire team got hot from the 2nd Qtr on and dismantled Miami. I believe the Bills come out for this game hyped, especially with fans there now. If anything they might be a little TOO juiced at the start of the game. Winning the coin toss and putting the Colts Off on the field first can work in BUFs favor in helping the D burn of
  3. Does anyone know if the rosters are expanded for the playoffs this year from 53 to another number? I remember reading it was a consideration because of Covid, but don't remember if it happened.
  4. I know its early in the week but has any word come out on injuries, specifically White, Diggs and Roberts?
  5. Whatever it takes to get fans into the stadium, I'd love to see it happen. Having any number of BillsMafia representing the rest of us is better than none at all.
  6. Its not the 49ers decision, its the NFLs decision, thats why. The Niners have a say in the matter, but once their home field is ruled out, the NFL is going to have the overall say.
  7. I have heard the Niner's are trying to convince the County to allow them to practice and play the game. If that fails, alternatives are San Diego, LA, Oakland, and AZ. Why not move the game to Buffalo? I understand its not a home game for the Niner's then, but neither is anywhere that isn't there home stadium. Buffalo already can accommodate a NFL game and is site ready. Besides AZ, the other options in California aren't NFL today and would require some work I'd imagine. Anyone hearing from the Twitterverse this this game gets moved to Buffalo?
  8. Sorry I misread that, thought he was talking about Harrison Philips. Thanks for the correction.
  9. That is an interesting comment about Philips, "Sorry to see him go". Was he released?
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