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Can someone explain the Josh Allen hate from Bomani Jones and Dominique Foxworth??

Special K

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On 9/15/2020 at 3:08 AM, billsbackto81 said:

Okay, made a mistake. he's 0-1 in first rd and 0-1 in 2nd rd. I've corrected the error.  It gets foggy this time of night at work. Did you agree with the rest or did you just want to spot check my post. I usually do but like I said, I'm at work.

Appreciate the correction though👍

Wow.  You forgot the Bills playoff game already.   That spectular game winning play he made in OT did count as a victory

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6 minutes ago, the_D said:

What do they have to eat? Weren't we expected to beat the dolphins? Real question.

Maybe you are out of the loop. Montoya's post is referring to most of the media's perception of Allen as an inaccurate QB that is holding back a team with a  great defense.

Just now, njbuff said:

You honestly think the Allen haters are going to shut up.


They are all going to say he did it against the Jets and Dolphins.


Let's see how he does against the Rams.



Nobody is expecting 4 tds and 400 yards against the Rams but we'll still settle for 2 TDs and 300 yards. 

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2 hours ago, unclepete said:

They had valid points. They highlighted some real issues with Josh but they neglected to highlight his strengths and the growth he shown this year. Finally has talented receivers and it’s night and day from last year. 


Their points are not valid IMO when they lie by omission.  If you only focus on the negative plays for a QB you can make any of them look bad or have issues. 


Like you point out you can't discuss a QB like Allen without talking about his freaky great plays and year to year improvements.



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