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Super Bowl LVIII game thread.

TBBills Fan

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1 minute ago, ProcessImproverMan said:

To think we could have had Warner instead of Edmunds....

Warner was the 70th pick overall in the 3rd round. I think Edmunds was the 16th overall pick in the first round. 

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Just now, PayDaBill$ said:

Need to study how SF is taking Travis out of the game he eats everyone alive usually 

For me, at the moment it seem mainly about the 49ers D line getting to Mahomes before he's getting a chance to find Kelce.



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Just now, BeavercreekBillsFan said:

Not saying I’m going to run a victory lap after this win, but there are a few of you that I’m calling out for saying I was dumb for picking the Niners to win it all along lol

It's true, it's already over. Mahomes famously never overcomes defecits.

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15 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

Give me Davis in the 4th over Mecole Hardman in the 2nd in the same draft.

I'd say that's a wash. They're both busts. 


Speaking of which, is it a low blow to bring up Cody Ford, another bust Beane had too much faith in? Or Wyatt Teller, an all-pro Beane did NOT have faith in? 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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