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Bills sign Damien Harris


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I’ll give this signing my blessing if:

1. He stays healthy

2. He doesn’t cost a lot

3. He doesn’t lose them a comp pick

4. They don’t pick a DT, S, DE or CB first in the draft 

5. ScottLaw says it’s a good signing. 

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2 minutes ago, AlCowlingsTaxiService said:

I think Harris is a more consistent chain mover. YPC might be the same, but my memories of Singletary are me getting excited after an early 20+ yard run and then a long string of relative ineffectiveness 

That’s fair. He is definitely a better fit next to Cook. He’s what people wanted Moss to be.

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10 minutes ago, SectionC3 said:

I think that's why he's here.  I think McD has a lot of Neanderthal in him.  He wants to be able to win a game here or there by running it down the throat of the opposition.  This signing might allow him to accomplish that. 


Beane is having himself a day.  I really, really like the Sherfield move.  A ST contributor who also is an offensive contributor.  And a guy who could be a handful when we played him last year.  I wanted a Lazard type to spell Davis.  Looks like they may have found a smaller but similarly tough version on the cheap.  Now with Harris maybe we've found the grinder at RB that Zack Moss never could be.  

Oh I do too. 100% agree with you.


Sorry my sarcasm was not clear, I love this pick up and Sherfield.

Neither were FA studs, but both are true NFL players that can improve the team.


Sherfield. Best blocking WR we have had since Woods, and can play outside if needed, also plays ST.

Replaces Kumerow and Mckenzie in one shot.

Harty = McKenzie/ Stevenson/ Jones


2 for 1 all offseason. I love it.


McGovern is an improvement at OG. (Just hope he plays RG)


We agree 100%. Solid Week 2 signings. Both improve the team IMO.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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