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  1. I agree he played better in his last year. He should have played well. It was his 3rd year in the system. His numbers are pretty much the same for his 3 healthy seasons with us though. All I'm saying is this characterization of him playing "hard" only in his contract year isn't true. IMO. I was surprised he signed for only 3 years. Guess he's gambling on getting one more big contract before he's too old.
  2. We have more important priorities. We have Josh, Dion etc. to think about. Addison's contract is 1-2 yrs. We weren't signing Shaq to a long term deal. Not worth it. That doesn't mean he only played hard in his contract year. That is false.
  3. I know when Rex left. Shaq started playing better from the time McD got here, not just last year.
  4. False. Once he got better coaching than what Sexy Rexy provided, Shaq played better. Just like the rest of the D, Rex didn't put Shaq in a position to succeed.
  5. But I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. So I know what I'm talking about even more.
  6. We kissed and then...my alarm clock started beeping. Almost broke my phone. I was supposed to visit my mom this summer and planned on having some Bocces. Oh well. Are we calling Depends underwear now?
  7. I wondered that myself. I work with someone who just got married in India in the spring and she says she doesn't think the numbers given reflect the true scope due to lack of testing for so long. She said the #'s will spike as testing picks up. She is of the opinion that for such an advanced country, why are we so behind the curve on this? She did say no pun intended.
  8. Not from what I read. Also, India has like a billion people. Billion with a B and has less than a 1/3 of number of cases. Countries are now banning Americans from traveling to their country. Embarrassing is right. https://us.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=omr&hsimp=yhs-001&type=863138039&param1=y6bdVFVIsvuYsgEClQfz8IfaIrULFWUA2DMVetLqXBrP3gi9K0k7QL0uqbojPKOCYRq9Fg6oiel%2FxHRp5HlVrHgnV4uk1QkmHJgQPnjuOPF7mD8P77x18bdmgmycomgrd1PtVc7S8vIcjOjZo2%2Bm15GokefepNPPLTlWW%2BXEo1fRNyYOX2olB7Jpkmud7aeCTAsFbQFM4vh5zycP8gZ4TbOW%2F%2BDlDFsXG%2FGbndgeYK4wwZJu%2FBOuYI9tKLCVhqz4nQE%2BaUL3cbMPncjkQP5LO0WJCsznNad6e4DRpDrb484%3D&p=coronavirus+new+zealand+update
  9. The halftime performance for the next Super Bowl will look something like this:
  10. Is that you Donny Boy? Get back on Twitter.
  11. This and the fact the avg. career of an NFL QB is 4.4 yrs. Luckily it was "only" a dislocated knee cap he suffered.
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