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  1. Maybe he's a Jim Brown fan. Or Marcus Allen. Or Franco Harris.
  2. If we're going to add to our interior d-line, I'd rather sign Ndamukong Suh for 1 year and find a draftee next year. I don't want to give up a draft pick for Leonard Williams. Also, Spotrac says he's due over $14 million, all guaranteed. No thanks.
  3. Under the radar isn't a bad thing. Sneak attack.
  4. This. He can and I think will rotate with both Star and Oliver.
  5. Is 53 too old to sign with us as a backup to McCoy and Gore?
  6. Love everything about Harrison and that we saw enough to draft him. I'm very grateful for all that he does in both our community and his. As an older guy, I don't really care that he responds back on social media. The reason for that is some guys get too wrapped up in it and take it too personally. Now on to football. I wrote in another thread I think he will be a big part of why our defense will excel this year. I feel he will rotate with both Ed and Star. He's big enough to plug in when Star needs a breather and he's 2 years into our defense. As far as rotating with Ed, Harrison led Stanford in tackles as a DT. He's got an eye for the football. He also is good at putting his hands up to tip passes when he's not in the backfield wreaking havoc.He showed some decent feet and enough quickness to work well with Star when he's in for Ed. He's no Ed Oliver, but he will be someone the o-line will have to reckon with.
  7. Harrison Phillips will win the Most Improved Player award(if the Bills give one out). He will play a ton this year. I feel he can rotate with Ed and Star. From the videos I've seen, he's played a lot of NT in a 3 man front and DT when 4 lineman were used. He is big and stout enough to spell Star and quick enough to spell Oliver. He led Stanford in tackles as a DT with over 100 tackles!! This will be his 2nd yr in our system and should be stronger than last yr. Did I mention he led Stanford in tackles as a DT?!?!
  8. That's a lot of candles. Fire extinguisher, please.
  9. My expectation is that he doesn't lead the team in rushing. Second place was Shady and he was 117 yards behind. Can't have that. We will be better this year, IF Josh stays healthy. I would prefer he throws some of these balls away instead of taking off and running. Trust the defense to do their job and live to play another series. 9-7.
  10. I like your out of the box thinking.
  11. Dude gets hurt more in the off-season than when he's playing.
  12. Not all GM's are as smart as Beane?!?! Hell, I don't know! Seriously though, maybe a lot of GM"S are thinking they need field stretchers at TE. Smith is not that.
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