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  1. He was not even close to being the reason we lost to KC. Coaching and Milano getting "Mossed" by Kelce for the game winning TD. Oh, and Josh messing up the coin toss(I kid, I kid). The way the defense has been playing, I dare say Tre White was a contract that may have not been necessary. I think we miss Oliver more than Tre. Go ahead and let me have it.
  2. He is a chill guy. The same things were said about his brother Dalvin when he played here at FSU. James is going to be a good one. Some here still want every pick to kick ass from the get go. From Oliver to Groot, to Basham, to Epenesa. Players that are drafted are usually good players. College good. It takes time. Time that some here apparently don't have.
  3. You're going to have the anti-McD crowd saying Harbaugh blew it instead. Yo know how it goes around here.
  4. Josh hasn’t gotten you one. See Dilfer or Rob Johnson. They have more SB rings than Josh. Why? Defense. Mahomes needed defensive upgrades to win his.
  5. McD took this team to the playoffs in his first year here after Rex couldn’t. With Tyrod at qb. Let that sink in for a minute.
  6. You’re going to have quite a few “Josh is the reason” replies. I get it, he’s really good, I mean really good. For me it’s the defense too. Imagine if Marino or Kelly had this defense? Or even Fouts? I’m so glad we’re not hanging our hat on Josh only. Edit: I forgot Stafford.
  7. Wow, just wow. A positive game ball thread and this is what you come up with? It’s like Edmunds pees in your cereal before every game. Or he’s banging…never mind. Is that a reason to take away credit? I mean they played well, no?
  8. I hear ya. Maybe I missed it, but has Bills mafia donated to a cause for Dane? Anyway, to your post, if you’re heart says donate…donate.
  9. IMO, if you give with the expectations of others reciprocating, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Bills Mafia seems like they enjoy giving and not expecting anything in return. Good on them.
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