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  1. We’re a “top” team and have been the past few seasons. Is this our 3rd consecutive AFCE title? We’re going to be a “top” team next year. Why the comparison to Lewis!?! Why not compare McDermott to Andy Reid?
  2. I don’t buy into the “ he has a prettier girlfriend “ jealousy bit. So, nope, not frustrated. Was a helluva season and I eagerly await next season. Go Eagles !!
  3. Brady=GOAT Allen= really good right now.
  4. The startling part is the number of people who attribute a SB win to their happiness. You’re attributing happiness to SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVE NO CONTROL IOVER. As to the bar being lowered, everyone here wants a SB. Nothing has been lowered. Expectations have grown to the crescendo of this year’s “we’re SB favorites” That’s not lowering the bar. Attributing happiness to a SB just sounds like the wrong way to live life. to your happiness.
  5. Watching Rex’s performance was hard to watch. This season was fun to me. Another AFCE championship. To me, winning a SB starts with winning the division. JMO. I know, I know, we still haven’t won a SB. If it comes great. It’s not a guarantee. Too many fell for the preseason hype. That’s your bad. I loved all 14 wins. The fact that people like you don’t like those wins…sucks…for you. I would bet $1k the staff feels the same. Scoffing at 14 wins. Incredible! “but they weren’t blow outs!” 😩 Hooe the offseason treats you all better.
  6. There is no problem with winning. None. We won close games vs. crappy, teams, good teams and playoff teams. That’s what I know. 😉 This board keeps moving the goalposts. Complain about one thing , to find you were wrong. So let’s look for something else, cuz we didn’t win the SB. The poster I replied to was spot in about whinny posts and I agreed in my post. Nothing’s changed.
  7. It actually started when we started winning “ugly “. First there were people who complained we couldn’t win close games. Now it’s “we’re winning, but it’s ugly”.
  8. I enjoy when we’re good. Not so much when we’re not. I have absolutely no control over the team and treat it that way. Life is good for me, win or lose. Reminder: it took Andy Reid 21 years to win a SB. He’s been a HC for 23 years. That’s borderline Schottemheimer territory. Would anyone here take that? Please remember this when comparing McDermott to him. Sean Payton : 15 yrs coaching the saints and made it to 1 SB. Would anyone here be ok with that here? If yes, give McDermott time. I am. Some can point to Sean Mcvay. Rams were horrible last season and probably won’t be good for a while.
  9. I saw a tweet somewhere comparing this to calling in sick to go golfing. I’m guilty of this a few times.
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