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  1. Far from a troll. Big-time Bills fan, here. If you don't like my posts, block me. Quit acting like a baby while asking others to back you up. That's some weak 💩. Stand on your own.
  2. Actually, he did choose his psycho high school sweetheart. Thery WERE LIVING TOGETHER at one point. If he decided he was done with her, that was a VERY IMMATURE way to tell her. Again, the lengths homers go to.
  3. NO. Diggs doesn't want to be here, so he should go. I argue the case for Diggs wanting to leave is a valid one.
  4. If only I had a dollar for every idiot who fell for the screen name and tried to be cute with it. Nice try.
  5. Hopefully you feel you can't get back the 20 minutes of your life it took you to read it, or did it take longer? 🤣
  6. Denial is a funny thing, especially when Josh has NOT denied any of this. And I'm sure he's heard the stories. Show me proof he denied any of this. Any proof. I know you like using the internet. Use it to show his denial. Otherwise, that's the story and I'm sticking to it.
  7. Let's get something straight...JOSH IS NO TOM BRADY! Hell, HE'S NOT MAHOMES either. The lengths some homers go to. 😂. He's bordering on NOT BEING BURROW either. I am happy for Diggs. He wanted out and got his wish. Hopefully we have a real leader in Josh. 🙏.
  8. CJ Stroud seems like he's taking the job of being an NFL QB seriously. Maybe when the media fawns over him, he'll become a "celebrity QB", like Josh. I really hope Josh comes in as a mature QB this year. We need that more than a top wr. Mahomes proved that last year.
  9. When you're not prepared for fame, like he wasn't, maybe he should.
  10. I think we found a Josh Allen jock strap sniffer. Enjoy the smell.
  11. Too bad Josh didn't get the memo 'til now. Leaders lead, not go off galivanting in the off season like he won a super bowl or something.
  12. Yeah, it is quite the narrative. And @SaulGoodman is correct. Consider it only took Reid 21 years to win his first sb. In their first seven years as HC, McD has been to the playoffs 6x vs 5x for Reid. Hell his last 8 seasons in Philly resulted in 4 of those seasons NOT making the playoffs at all. It took him 7 years in KC to win his first SB. If not for Mahomes, Reid was the same coach as he was in Philly. A good coach who couldn’t get over the hump. IN 20 YEARS OF TRYING. Like McDermott, Reid was not a Hall of Fame caliber coach in his first 7 seasons . But Reid also showed for another 13 seasons that he wasn’t a hall of fame coach. If not for Mahomes, Reid wouldn’t have been KC’s head coach much longer. I think even Josh would say yes.
  13. You do realize Levy led us to the SB the following year, right? Firing him would have led to us not going to our final SB. It was another loss, sure, but you gotta be in it to win it. Hindsight is always as clear as some make it out to be. Firing a coach after a SB appearance is dumb, much less 3 straight SB’s.
  14. While the mob cries in their Genessee. LOL. Did you mean "Hey Bills, enjoy your participation trophy."? @NewEra had nothing to do with the results. He wouldn't get a trophy for the Bills' participation, LMAO. Guess what? You don't get a trophy if the Bills win it. It's amazing how the mob takes this personally.
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