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  1. Not worried about Devin's confidence. May the best man win.
  2. I have. It's not what you make it out to be. Not even close. Again, this is a JP thread. Not a Star bashing thread. You've had plenty of chances for that.
  3. Before this thread get's locked, I wanted to call you an idiot.
  4. Star didn’t beat his man men enough to get enough tackle opportunities to miss. Even though this is a Jordan Phillips thread, I thought I'd fix that for you.
  5. On that note, I was going to post the following bold prediction: RB Cam Akers RD 2 WR Antonio Gandy-Golden RD3 RB AJ Dillon RD4
  6. Even though I don't think he'll be there, I voted Mims. If he's not available, Cam Akers over Taylor.
  7. Offensively, Duke dropped a td, then drops a pass with a minute left in regulation that would have shifted field position. John Brown can't keep his feet inbounds for an incomplete pass. Josh fumbles and turns the ball over at the beginning of the 4th, leading to a Texans score. We have a really good drive to kick a fg and go to overtime, even with Duke dropping the pass mentioned earlier. Duke dropping that pass means we're now working for a fg instead of going for a game winning td. 2 guys miss a block on a qb sweep in overtime that would have been a td or at least have us in fg range. We didn't lose because of game planning or play calling. The players left too many plays on the field to blame the staff.
  8. We held a team that averaged 24 points per game to 22 points, in overtime. We had 2 players with Watson in their grasp for a sack and he gets out of it. Just a special play by a special player. It was a team loss. There were enough plays left on the field by the offense and defense to win it. Players execute better on a few plays and we win. Coaching was fine.
  9. I think if these 2 players switched teams last year, the numbers wouldn't follow the player. KJ's numbers in Washington's defense last year would have been just as ugly as Norman's were. I believe Norman's numbers would have been pretty good if he played here last year. I'm expecting a good, bounce back season for Norman. Wait a minute, this is a EJ Gaines thread. Sorry.
  10. Maybe you misunderstood me, not sure. My point was that we only have 1 rb on our current roster who played any significant snaps(Devin). When Devin was out, Gore took over. He's not here anymore. So, it is a glaring need. Not sure what the mulligan comment means, we played the games. Sure, I remember Davis in the playoffs. Another reason why having a good stable of rbs is a glaring need. We currently don't have that. I'm not counting on Yeldon or Wade to take over if Devin gets hurt. Don't see how anyone here would.
  11. When I saw Akers to KC at 63, I yelled "NO!". If he's there at 54, I have been on the grab him side. Seeing him potentially go to KC makes me want him even more. Imagine him in KC with everything else they have?
  12. We have 1 rb who played any significant downs last year. The fact that the rb position is "easy" to fill does not mean it's not a glaring position of need. 1 guys, 1. Definitely a glaring need.
  13. As an FSU fan, you are way too kind. That offensive line has been horrible the last 3-4 years. They are comparable to the horrible Bills line in 2018. In other words, they suck. If you put Akers behind a competent line, watch out!
  14. How about pretty wife, ugly girlfriend?
  15. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU , MAN!!!!
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