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  1. In 2020 Star was top 10 at his position. We use him as someone who eats up space. Can't run at him. People forget how bad our run d was before his arrival, only to be reminded last year. Welcome back 🌟 I call BS on this. Proof?
  2. Debating if that was clever or not. KC is just better than us right now. Yeah, not clever. McClappy was better.
  3. Any FSU fan here has a love/hate relationship with him.
  4. And replace them with who? Or is it whom? Nice plan, I see you have it all figured out. And to think we gave Beane an extension when we had you all along.
  5. I was just going to comment if there was ever a time where it was too early to go for it on 4th was there. OOPS.
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