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  1. Is she good in bed too? That answers my questions. If you have a side piece, that means your girlfriend isn't good in the sack. Either that or she physically abuses you.
  2. Grew up a fan of the Bills, Yankees and Knicks, but when Dolan brought in Isiah and Starberry and the rest of the sorry ass team I dropped them. Isiah, was charged with sexual harassment and the Knicks had to pay over $10 million. Dolan still kept him as gm. Would never support anything Dolan does. I still consider myself a true sports fan. Just not a loyal sucker.
  3. Yeah, Sean. Yeah, Brandon. Second in points per game in the entire NFL just won’t do. Doesn’t matter that we scored more per game than the Eagles, Vikes and yes, even the Bengals. 👎👎👎👎
  4. Everyone was off that game. Including Josh. He was terrible, even when he had time. It’s ok to acknowledge that.
  5. I get the feeling what Beane and McDermott said went way over your head.
  6. My first thought is this thread was started at around 3 in the morning EST. I hope you’re not in the EST thinking about things like this at 3 in the morning. In the month of May, no less.
  7. According to ESPN, we were 2nd in the ENTIRE NFL in points per game. Only behind the Chiefs by. Ahead of teams like the Vikes, Eagles, Lions and...the Bengals. Also, leading up to the playoff loss, here are the points we scored: 32 vs the Dolphins - win 35 vs the Bears - win 35 vs the Pats - win 34 vs the Dolphins - Playoff win Bottom 10? Nah.
  8. So far, Daboll has done exactly what McDermott did in his 1st season as a HC. Went 9-7 to surprise the NFL with a playoff appearance. So far, he's 1-1 in the playoffs where McD is 4-5, but 4-3 in the past 3 seasons. I don't agree that he is a terrible playoff coach. I do agree with those who say with McD taking over play calling for the D, the clock as started. He has 2 years to do bring a title, or he's gone. No way does he deserve to be ahead of McD, IMO.
  9. If you’re a fan who has tickets…and is retired, maybe. There’s a lot of planning that goes on around nfl games for fans from out of town. Vacation time from work, AirBnB, hotel reservations, car rental, etc.
  10. Ha, we’re going all the way to 300 pages!!! We can do this!!
  11. Great game by Allen, for sure. If you were around to watch the Bills vs. SF in 1992, you might say Kelly had a top 5 moment. What a game that was. Not a single punt. Great list MJS
  12. If Mcd doesn’t win a SB, that doesn’t make PBF81 right. You’re giving him too much credit. I think Mcd will win one. If he does, I wouldn’t boast about me saying so. We’re both guessing.
  13. I’ve searched, but can’t find any stats for this “bag of footballs “ you mentioned. None. I think you’re F. O. S.
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