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  1. Stats are for Fantasy Football. Just trust your eyes.
  2. Star isn't coming through that door, so I believe it's a season long issue. I mean we tried playing Oliver at the 1 technique vs KC. To me, that's a desperate move that was definitely not the plan coming into the season. Credit to the staff for trying different things but this is a season long issue.
  3. Posters have given their reasons for the animosity. They seem legit to me. Cherry picking to advance a narrative, while leaving out opinions that are contrary to his rubs folks the wrong way. Not sure how you get it, whether you agree or not. L.A.M.P. ???
  4. I have a 3 year old grandson that sounds more mature than you. Sorry I wasted my time on you. Carry on.
  5. Your response shows you didn't pay attention the previous two seasons. Your Shaq logic is very flawed. Shows you don't get what I said or just want to be right. Again, it's easy to see STAR is the difference. If it doesn't make sense to you...you know the drill.
  6. So you post on this RIGHT AFTER a loss. Feelings must have been through the roof. Suggestion: Let the alcohol wear off before you post again.
  7. To your last question, just watch us on Def the two prior years compared to this year. It will make sense right away. If not, there's not enough explaining to help you with that question. Star is the difference, like it or not.
  8. You're right. Where's Buddy Nix when we need him. Let's get sexy rexy and pregnant Rob too.
  9. Some of you are still in denial or just can't admit how much he's missed. Some of us said from the beginning this would be an issue, but no...
  10. Wonder if he still feels that way.
  11. Even the blind could see this coming. I feel for Watson.
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