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  1. A: He's pushing him away with his foot. B: He's reaching for his helmet.
  2. I spent a weekend in Cleveland. Once. Dead man's curve is awesome. A buddy says let's go to a strip club. Against my better judgement, I went. Dark, Sticky floors(hopefully liquor), coke(not the soda) everywhere and midget strippers. How do you do a lap dance as a midget stripper, you might ask? I picked her up and put her on my lap. Asking to pay 1/2 price didn't go too well. Ahh, the 90's.
  3. As big and strong as he is, that is a potentially lethal blow. Seriously. A season off sounds about right. 16 games. The remainder of the season plus 10 games next year, minimum. Then, #65 acts like a punk azz and knocks Rudolph down from behind. He should get 2-3 games and a hefty fine too.
  4. And part of last year's highly rated defense. But hey, whupping boys are needed each year, don'tcha know?
  5. I think last Thursday's Chargers/Raiders game and Monday's SF/Hawks game spoiled me. Steelers missing too much offensively and the Browns aren't that good. Kinda hard to watch. Goodnight ya'll.
  6. 2 plays in a row Pittsburgh defense runs a player out late.
  7. Most Bills fans say: Me: I wouldn't mind signing him for 2-3 years. Wonder how many Brady jerseys would be sold(not these)? Did I find a way to curse without getting flagged?
  8. ESPN made a big deal of Baker trying to quite the fans in the goal line stand we had. Question for anyone at the game: Was it Browns fans making all the noise or were there so many Bills fans that we made made it hard for the Browns to hear?
  9. Loving these mid-upper 30's nights and mid 60's highs in N. Fl. the last couple of days.
  10. I'm a big time Noles fan and watch them all the time. I didn't want EJ to come to Buffalo. He wasn't that good in college: 48 td's to 28 int's. I didn't want Allen either. The 2 guys I wanted (Darnold then Baker) were gone already. It's still early though. I have hope.
  11. I can picture jerry pondering all night long " how can I get coach to fumble an answer and make myself look smart". Comparing a player's first 20 games of his career to a 7 year vet and his last 20 games is the best he could do?!?! He just made a fool/ass of himself and didn't even realize it. He was dumb enough to tweet it out, like he accomplished his goal. Idiot. Stuff like that usually comes from the cesspool called New York City media. I was going to say " jerry, you're better than this. Then I thought more about it and...no he's not.
  12. We score 19.33 points a game and give up 16.66 points a game. Prediction: Bills 19.33 Phins 16.66
  13. I have an idea. Let put out a poll on who we should have kept : Chase McLaughlin or Hauschka ? Oh, that's right. Never mind. This board is funny sometimes.
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