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  1. I think the question is why do you have to be a Richard Head? He apologized to anyone who felt like you do. Like mrags asked, who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?
  2. After that doozy of a first sentence, I stopped reading.
  3. I totally understand, but the contract was given based on what he did. If he sucked his 1st few years, he wouldn't have been extended. He didn't perform to the new contract and was traded. Big deal. You're working yourself up for something that means nothing to you. That's been my point all along. And yet, football lives on. As do the Bills. And yet, football lives on. As do the Bills. Some people here getting worked up about something that means nothing to them. Need to complain about something. Hey if it makes them feel better about themselves, good for them. I guess.
  4. And yet, football lives on. As do the Bills.
  5. 2x pro bowler. 1st team all pro. He got offered a contract based on his play. He earned the offer and took it. Did he live up to his 2nd contract? No, but he earned the offer. It ain't stealing if those rich people offered the money to him. He's not the 1st to not live up to his contact extension and won't be the last. The NFL goes on and isn't hurt by this. Some feelings here though...
  6. Nope, no shame in maximizing your earnings. The goal is to get the most money you can in this league. At least for 99% of the players, including Bates. Marcell got paid and good for him. The Bills are still making a ton of money, that contract didn't hurt the franchise. A ton of players don't make it through their first contract (injuries, etc.), he did and got offered a new contract. Again, good for him. IMO, people writing stuff like your last "sentence" are idiots who take this way to personal. Tub of **** goo?!? Really?!?
  7. I don't understand hating someone I don't know. Just don't get it.
  8. I wouldn't give up that much guaranteed money. No way. Wait it out, go to camp. If Watson is disciplined, play your best and see what happens. If Watson plays, sit back and let the browns figure it out. Unless they franchise him next year, I believe he'll be a free agent. Then he can pick and choose, but at least with his money in the bank. A big contract isn't guaranteed, but this year's money is.
  9. Question: why do you care who he loves? Question: more competitive than Bonds, Maguire and Sosa?
  10. When you can tell me all football players don't use steroids.🤣 Seriously though, none of us are privy to everything every player does. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff going on we don't hear about from players. Steroids, betting on games, etc. I just watch the games, without worrying about that stuff. Hard to be objective without knowing everything every other player has or hasn't done. I'm 55 years old and he's the best I've seen at the QB position. Did he cheat his way to a SB victory with Tompa Bay?(sorry, couldn't help myself). Do World Series championships during the steroid era not count? I watch sports for the release it gives me from serious things in life. Sports, to me isn't that serious. That's why I can watch Brady and enjoy a damn good QB lead a team. Also didn't get mad when he jumped the cliff with his daughter or have his son kiss him on the lips. It's none of my business. Just watch the games. It's a lot more enjoyable. Trust me. If you feel your statement is objective, great. I feel mine is subjective. Now what?!? A stare down?!?👀
  11. Nah, still the GOAT. You do realize this is a subjective statement, right?!?
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