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  1. Hey neighbor, I was born and raised in Buffalo(West Side!!) and moved to Tally in the middle of our Super Bowl run in '92. Definitely a college town just bordering on being too small, but I like it. There is actually a change in seasons with cooler weather after October. During the season, you'll see a diverse NFL crowd at The Corner Pocket. I see jerseys and hats from different teams. Yes, there is an annoying Pats fan that shows up once in a while.
  2. Hey?!? Didn't Jerry teach him that move?
  3. I feel like we're bringing a broom to Jersey with us.
  4. This is a tough one, but I voted Belichick. I will say Brady not taking the max money a QB can get helps BB fill out the roster as a deep team. This is why they are still strong by weeks 12-16. That is a strong advantage most teams don't have. A deep team nowadays usually has a QB on his 1st contract and can spend money elsewhere. Once they get paid (Brees, Russell Wilson, etc.), it's really hard to field such a deep team. Having said this, I voted BB because his teams have the ability to take advantage of the opposition's weakness. One week they will run the ball down the throat of a team that is weak against the run, the next week they throw for 450 yds and 4 tds against a weak secondary. Everyone wants to take advantage of the other team's weakness, doing it is another story. BB has proven to be able to do that.
  5. According to overthecap.com Gordon will make a little over 16 mil. after this upcoming season. The franchise # for rb is around 11.2 mil. this year. If I'm Gordon, I play next year under the franchise tag and then retire. 27 million over 6 yrs as a RB and then walk away while you can. That's just me.
  6. Plus it's a lot harder to accidentally drop the newspaper in the toilet. For me at least.
  7. Don't think I'll draft Josh, at least not in the first 10 rounds. I'll take Beasley in the last round. I think the Bills defense is going to pick up the sack numbers, along with more turnovers They should be good value late in the draft.
  8. Nice use of your time responding to this waste of a time post, Georgie.
  9. As far as the d-line, H. Phillips was tied with K. Williams in total tackles and only Jerry Hughes had more, by 2. He did this as a rookie, with limited snaps. I thought he played well for a rookie and should see a lot more snaps spelling Star and Oliver. Aside from Edmunds, I think he will be the most improved defensive player on the Bills.
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