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  1. Thought he was an architect? And one of the road games was supposed to be a home game.
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brady’s gone and the Pats are still in your heads. Big deal. It happens all over the league. This thread doesn’t deserve any more pages.
  3. Don’t worry, he’ll pull something in the next couple of games.
  4. With that porn stache… The Cheesecake Factory ho. He plays the hiring manager. “You want the job, honey? Meet me in my car”.
  5. I don’t mind it. As long as they push the pile as apposed to launching yourself into a pile or a player’s back.
  6. What if he doesn’t sign the franchise tender? Serious question.
  7. Does he have to sign the franchise tender? If not, can’t trade a player not under contract. I could be wrong.
  8. We watched the same game. Just not as a hater.
  9. "It’s not the plays that he’s in on that I see. It’s the ones that he should have been in on that he’s nowhere to be found. " What a complete 180 degrees pivot. Nice one. 😂
  10. I'll watch again and see. It looked like he had a lot of green in front of him if he caught it.
  11. Bingo!! You guys get your whipping boy and only look for the bad plays. Your words, not mine. Sad, just sad.
  12. It was a good win last night, but... Typical of the same group on TBD. Can't enjoy a win.
  13. Happy Friday to you too. Did someone pee in your Flutie Flakes this morning?? You negative Nancies suck. I had a ton of fun watching a total team win. Josh made mistakes too. NE just didn’t capitalize. Got some Josh Allen jockstrap sniffers here.
  14. Did he notice NE had a pick six, but dropped it? Or that the team rallied around a struggling Josh the past few weeks? Josh didn’t win this game. This was a TOTAL team win.
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