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Bills Fans Call Out Cole Beasley for ‘Slander’

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6 minutes ago, The Wiz said:

Damn that's cold but right on.


And I love Gabe.

Gabe seems to be a great dude and when he is on his game he is crazy.  He's a solid #3 I would say with #2 capability.  

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25 minutes ago, The Jokeman said:

Beasley stating his best year was 2016 with Dak was the slap in the face I didn't like. 

Crazy that he said that. Beasley in 2020 was the best year he ever had by a mile imo. That comment feels like the real slight to josh to me

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I would also agree with Beasley about Josh.  He's not Mahomes and I think Rodgers is still above him.  🤷.  I'm ok with a top 5 QB who has a ceiling of being the NFL and Super Bowl MVP.  

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1 minute ago, Another Fan said:

I wouldn't argue with anyone that think Josh isn't a top 3 QB in the league.


But that was just a STUPID move on Cole Slaw's part 

you’re aware of his twitter history correct? Beasley knew exactly what he was doing. He’s one of those sickos that loves twitter drama. How many times has he “quit” using it but came back? He can’t help himself. 

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39 minutes ago, EasternOHBillsFan said:


No, I don't want him... his family can't even stand him, he holds his team hostage annually, he refuses to work with his own teammates except when mandatory, and he hasn't won jack s--- in TWELVE YEARS. "But... but... but... he's a FORMER MVP!" is just an excuse made for players that underproduce when it counts.

I’m talking about Josh Allen…..

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42 minutes ago, GunnerBill said:

Cole Beasley is as bright as cement.

Ding ding ding


It’s not even a terrible take, it’s just…why? 

remember this is the same self aware brainiac that gave us a hilariously awful rap album not too long ago 

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1 hour ago, NUT said:

Bills fans don't seem to understand this. Allen is nothing without a SB ring. He's not Mahomes, he's not Rodgers, etc. Until he wins a ring he's just one of many QB's to never win it.


2 minutes ago, EasternOHBillsFan said:


"Lombardis and MVPs vs nothing" was your response. Rodgers vs. Allen is what you implied.

That was my initial response to the thread.  The post that you quoted was in response to the above post and I was talking about why I think so many Bills fans think Josh Is better than Mahomes (and Rodgers) Because most of us wouldn’t trade Allen for either one

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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