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Conner McGovern to Bills


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17 minutes ago, StHustle said:

Unbelievable it’s two Conner McGovern’s in the world, let alone in the NFL at the same time and both playing OLine 🤯


Need to sign both to add to the wind confusion in the new stadium 

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It's an Oline move but I'm wondering if this is just a small step up from Saffold or a large 1. It's an upside/potential player who was a backup in Dallas his whole time there until he came in for injuries. I hope this isn't the last move they make towards the OL in FA but I'm glad they're addressing our weakest area of need.

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51 minutes ago, NewEra said:

Those are the financials from what I’ve seen

not disagreeing with you, but which teams or do you have a link that supports this? 

They “base their contract off of pff”?  Or they look at the pff numbers and sometimes take them into consideration 

I'm sure I heard someone aka announcer talking about in a Bills game this year.

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32 minutes ago, Pine Barrens Mafia said:

I bet there's a town in ireland where every male is named Conner Mcgovern



My Irish ancestors from County Cavan Kerr and McLean were surrounded by Brady men, ironically where Tom Brady's came from 🤢



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2 hours ago, Success said:


I don't think they should move on from Brown yet. He has so much potential, and he has played well at times. I would guess their thinking is let's see how he does with a full offseason & no injury to deal with.


I think the line you post there is very solid, but I do expect them to draft a guard in one of the 1st couple of rounds (maybe a tackle to compete w/ Brown, who they feel could convert if Brown plays well).


would love to now see another early OL, and see brown (healthy), play to the potential we saw when we drafted him.  good drafts dont mean chitt without player development. we need one or more of our wildcard OL to make a healthy step up!

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1 hour ago, RG Murdock said:

According to WhoScored and PFF McGovern is a middling pass blocker (Ranked 17th) and a pretty bad run blocker (Rated 31st).. Nothing to get excited about. Meanwhile, Edmonds to the Bears for 4 years $95M.. $50M guaranteed..... I guess too expensive for the Bills?    

There are 64 starting guards in NFL.  17th and 31 is well above average, and much better than the tomato can G Saffold 

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1 minute ago, In Summary said:

It's a good start.  Would like for once the Bills to prioritize dominance over versatility on the OL.  Was 2009 Incognito the last time we had dominance at guard?


Generally would agree.. but maybe they move him to C next year and cut bait with Morse ..?




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11 minutes ago, GolfandBills said:

This guy does a good job not sure what you are getting at.  

I'm responding to the tweet which is gushing about his ability to play fullback and jumbo TE and C as well as guard. I'm sure that gives McBeane all the wood but I don't care and if they are ever using him as a jumbo TE it's because he's sucked at guard and lost his job.

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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